Thursday, October 23, 2014

Harkham's Corner news

The good news is Harkham's Corner pre-reader copies are going out today and tomorrow. My editor will be receiving it today as well.

The bad news is real life has swamped me, so I had to push back the release date until November 22nd.

I apologize for those of you waiting for the final book to come out, but it simply couldn't be helped. Now that I'm working, in school and am still seeing my beautiful Daddy Dom, my free time is next to nothing.

The fan fic version will be coming down this weekend...

Thanks for your patience. I've changed the publish date on Goodreads to reflect this update.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

computer issues and other news...

I'm sure some of you are wondering where Harkham's Corner is, why the ARCs haven't gone out and why the fan fic version is still up and available...

Well, I've had constant internet issues at my house and my laptop decided to stop charging and is dead. I've ordered the replacement part, and for some reason the dang post office didn't deliver it and I have to get get it from them, but I simply haven't had time to get down there since I've been working so much and have about a thousand things going on in my life.

I'll be pushing things back about a month for Harkham's Corner's release. I apologize to those of you who are waiting patiently for it. I'll get it out as soon as I can...

On a plus side, I'm seeing a new Daddy Dom and he is the most loving, amazing man I've ever met, not to mention he blows mind when we're playing together. He's too yummy for words. Everything I could ask for in a play partner. I can't even express how intense and beautiful our relationship is. I'm beyond excited to see where things go with him. I've never felt so connected to a Dom before. He put me into a mild subspace last night and it still has me breathless today. He's the first one to do that in person (I've gone into subspace over the phone before several times with a previous Daddy of mine, but never when I was physically together with a Dom). He keeps me stirred up constantly, and it makes concentrating a little difficult times, but don't worry--you'll have Harkham's Corner soon enough.

Much love,

Monday, September 15, 2014

Harkham's Choice is live! Harkham's Case on sale!

It's finally here! Harkham's Choice is now available for purchase on Amazon!

Pick up a copy today, and while you're at it, Harkham's Case will be on sale from September 17th, until the 20th, for $.99! Tell anyone you know that the first book in the series has a great deal going on this week to celebrate the release of the sequel.

Link for Harkham's Choice:

Link for Harkham's Case:

Thank you everyone for helping to spread the word about Adam and his lovely world!



Harkham's Corner cover reveal!

Here it is, the book cover for the final book in the Harkham's series.

I can't believe all three will be published within a matter of weeks. So exciting!

Here's the summary for the final installment:

Adam Latham has the dream life he always wanted. The beautiful, caring wife, cute kid and a nearly complete college education, leading to a promising career. He even owns a house with a garage and a car he can get kinky in with his wife.
Only things aren’t as fabulous as they should be… There’s a client at his dad’s office where Adam works, flirting with him and causing him a lot of anxiety. She’s younger than he is, but she won’t seem to stop making advances, even making him feel crazy at times when she insinuates that the two of them have been intimately involved before.
Adam would never be with this woman. He’s the faithful, dutiful, husband, trying to provide for his family as he prepares to graduate and become a doctor, just like his stepfather, Dustin Latham—Adam’s hero.
So why won’t she go away and stop insisting there’s a past between them? And why does his music keep bothering him? Why, most of all, does he keep composing songs in his head at the drop of an instant and find almost immediate success when his biological father, Thomas Matthews, a former gifted musician and singer, posts those songs on YouTube?
The numbers have shifted into music—invading Adam’s mind, and making it almost impossible to focus on the immediate tasks at hand. But he can’t be mad at the notes. Music is his salvation, and it’s his wife’s, too. But how can he trust it to be his sole source of income or to prove that he’s an intelligent, capable, mature man?
He can’t. He won’t. He’ll be the responsible adult his biological father never was, and he’ll prove he can be a doctor, with Dr. Harkham’s help, and find his own way out of the corner he’s been placed in his entire life—the corner that exists by caging him in with rules and boundaries that make his life almost unbearable and hard to understand.

*I'll be posting teasers very soon for this book!*

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Harkham's Corner the fan fiction version is now completed

The fan fic version of Harkham's Corner is now completed. It'll stay up for 2 weeks and then be taken down on September 21st to be published a few weeks after that. Copy it while you can and enjoy! The published version will have 5 more scenes added along with more medical information added in about Edward's medical condition. Thanks so much for all the reviews and love!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Harkham's Choice cover reveal!

I love, love, LOVE this book cover! It's the essence of who Adam and Mari are.

Mayhem Cover Creations did a fabulous job once again!

Summary for Harkham's Choice:

Adam Latham knows one thing, and one thing only—he simply has to have Marissa Cole as his own. Not as his school mate, or his girlfriend who lives in his family’s house with him. Her. He needs her to be his wife, and he’ll find a way to make that happen, whether or not his medical condition as Harkham’s unresolved case has improved.
His overwhelming need for Mari’s touch continues unabated. Even as her life grows more complicated—dealing with her father’s issues in another state—Adam becomes more determined that they’ll have a life together after they graduate high school in a few short months.
What will he do when he finds out exactly what past abuse Mari’s suffered? How will he handle it when she falls apart in front of his very eyes? He can only hope to contain the numbers that try to consume him and the violet anxiety attacks that follow, on his own.
How will he deal with his unsupportive family members that rally against his relationship with this damaged girl? Is Dr. Harkham the answer to his questions?
Only Adam knows what it means to live with an undefined disability. Until he finds the key that unlocks the secrets to his past mysteries, will he be able to move on and live a full and happy life with his Mari. 

*If you want to be an ARC reviewer, I'm still taking more of them....*