Sunday, May 19, 2013

Chanse's stories

As you can tell by this blog, I write in various genres, have interests in several categories and somehow try to combine them together every so often. Some of my stories are definitely for niche audiences, and others are have a more general appeal.

The purpose of this blog is to talk about both my fan fiction stories, and the stories I'll be publishing. I'm not opposed to fan fic authors publishing their works, obviously, but understand why it upsets some people. I understand both point of views. I plan to publish a few, but most of the stuff I publish will be original works that have never been fan fiction. And when I publish fan fics, if I can help it, I'll try not to pull them. For example, Slick as Ides will stay up since it's really only half the story...

I'm happy to share visuals from the stories, research links and even share some recommendations on other fan fics and published stories I enjoy reading. If there's anything you'd like to see, let me know... I'm open to suggestions.

I try to do the proper research on all of my stories so they're as realistic as possible, but if it's a sci fi story, there's going to be unrealistic elements to them. That's the point--letting the imagination go wild and less rules. It's one of the appeals of writing in that genre, and why I enjoy it so much.

A few words on my BDSM stories... Though I do have advisors now who are in the lifestyle, when I first wrote Just an Hour, I didn't have that, so there are sections in the first few chapters with incorrection information I'll be going back and fixing soon.

Also, one of the drawbacks of publishing means I may go back and change names of some of my fan fics. When I originally planned to write erotica, I never intended to publish it. I knew it would upset my family, and didn't want them to disown me. Some things have changed. My husband's no longer opposed to it, but I still have extended family that would not accept this, so I have to keep it quiet so they don't have a heart attack. I don't wanna kill anyone. ;D I don't write horror.

So now I have the dilemma of knowing they're aware I had originally written a few of my stories I'm reposting. This is why the names may need to change now that I'll be publishing. I don't need them figuring this out. Hope that makes sense.

Thanks for reading and joining me on this journey! I love writing, and I love telling stories. It's my passion.

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