Monday, May 27, 2013

Chapter 11 Cuffs -- Subspace and Subdrop

One of the most intriguing aspects of this lifestyle to me initially was the idea of subspace and subdrop. That a person's mood and personality could be so altered from such intense physical sensations and a deep connection, that it's not something that the sub can necessarily control at first. My understanding is that over time she might learn to look for warning signs of subdrop, but hopefully if she misses them, her Dom won't. He'll see them and do something to make sure it doens't get to that point.

Now, subspace is even more amazing to me. To trust a partner so fully that the mind can just drift away like it's floating in an almost trance-like state--damn. I want that. I can't imagine anyone not wanting that--feeling that good. Yum!

It's not something that can necessarily be planned and isn't even really the goal, but I've been told it's an added bonus and when it happens, damn.




Are those enough damns for you?

All right. Don't listen to me blabber on about it. Read some of these links by other submissives that share their experiences on these topics, since they describe it much better than I ever could:

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