Saturday, May 25, 2013

Chapter 11 Cuffs teaser

Chapter 11: Enflamed

I move off of her, hover, hanging my head and sit back on my heels after realizing what I’ve just done.

How could I have been so careless?

I stare at my come slathered all over her hairs, all over her thighs. Fuck!

My eyes glaze over.

Please, don’t tell me I just . . .

I wipe my hands down my face, get up and bring back a warm, wet washcloth and a towel. After I’ve cleaned her off and taken my time to do it so I can get ahold of myself, I turn to her.

“Are you okay, angel?” I set aside the towel and cleaning rag, and slide behind her.

She nods and looks at me bright-eyed and almost ecstatic.

I massage her shoulders, kiss them reverently, and try to infuse some warmth back in her body. Her skin glows so perfectly.

I grab some cream from the side drawer, taking care to rub it in gently but efficiently.

“Was I too rough with you?” I ask in almost a low, hum.

Touching her like this has me so relaxed it’s like my body’s trying to lull me to sleep by vibrating and turning me into nothing but white noise.

Yet, my hands continue to roam over every inch of her, and my lips join in.

“Could you be anymore lovely and radiant, Isabella? I can’t stop fucking touching and kissing you,” I breathe into her skin.

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