Monday, May 20, 2013

Chapter 12 God and My Right visuals and info

Rose Castle in Cumbria is very impressive indeed. I loved the fact it used the name "Rose" from Twilight, and that it was in the location I wanted. Here's the link so you can find out more about it you want:

Why Cumbria? Not only is it visually breathtaking, it also has a very interesting heritage, and fit the story for what was needed. It's location kind of makes it a gateway between Britain, Ireland and Scotland. It's the most northwesterly county in England, and has a proud heritage.

Here's a sample of their unique dialect that's an interesting combination of both British and Scottish accents with their own twist on it...

In this chapter, Isabella refers to Henry's crest or coat of arms, and the motto that goes with it is the title of the story: God and My Right. Here's what it looks like:

You may have also noticed that it was mentioned they were sleeping on a flock stuffed mattress. This shows affluence. Commoners and servants in the Tudor period slept with hay stuffed mattresses. Flock was basically a really fluffy, nice sheep's wool. Not only was it more comfortable, but less bed bugs. Yep, that's where that little saying is from: Goodnight, don't let the bed bugs bite.

Ever wonder why in the Tudor period they wore furs around their neck as their collars on their capes and coats? Lice was prevalent. The fur would attract the lice so they could get rid of it easier. They used lice combs regularly on their hair.

Not that this is in the story, but meh... Figured I'd share. :D

Also, in case you're wondering--I made up the part about the flowers in the woods around Rose Castle. I have no idea what kinds of flowers they have there, what they smell like or anything of the like. Just wanted her to share something lovely with him. Author's artistic license once more...

Oh, yes, and I made up the song she sang for Edward as well to put him to sleep and calm him.

As for her giving him head, I wasn't sure if that was forbidden back then. Couldn't find anything definitive on that, but the sexual rules from the church were so stringent, missionary position only and sex only on certain days of the week (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday), never during lent or when the woman was pregnant... Well, I just drew the conclusion this would probably be forbidden as well. The man was always to be on the top, the woman not participate, though he was supposed to make her climax so she would release her seed and conceive. Hard pissing was considered a way to abort, so I'm sure many husband made a woman lie in bed for a while after intercourse to make sure she did not spill their seeds.

See how naughty Edward is? Licking it back up most of the time afterward and sucking on her womanly flesh? He really is a kinky bastard, that one. That's why I love him so much. He didn't even think twice about tossing her up on top of him to have her ride him. H. E. L. L. According to her, that's where they're headed, and she's happy about it. I think I would be, too.


  1. I love your historical information, I've always been fascinated in the way people lived back then! As for the restrictions on sex to specific days, I prefer it on days ending with "y"! I love that Edward is adventurous and that Bella shares his spirit!!

    1. I agree 100%. I loved the way they lived back then as well. Absolutely fascinating to me! Agree with you on the days it should be allowed as well... Can you imagine? I'd be breaking rules regularly.


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