Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Chapter 13 Teaser for God and My Right

Teaser for God and My Right... This one is rife with salty language and questionable behavior for royals. Sounds like my kind of chapter!

Chapter 13

“Slip your hips over me,” Edward said. “Take me deep.”
She gasped at his naughtiness, but it was so heavenly, she failed to stop and talk to him about how this could breed eternal damnation to their souls.
Rap, rap, rap.
“It is the medical help you seek,” the doctor shouted.
“We are not ready. Ten minutes more I require,” she hollered.
She heard a few voices and a scattering of footsteps.
“They know I fuck my wife, and though I can scarcely walk and be of much use in any other capacity, I give her pleasure and steal her seeds.” He grinned.
“You have a talent for wiping my mind of anything but your desire, my lord,” she breathed.
He pulled her down by the shoulders, licked at her lips, and she opened her mouth to him.
His tongue explored and invaded, much like his cock, pumping furiously inside her.
“Does this vex your leg?” she asked when he suddenly jolted a little and winced.
“Not at all. I fear I cannot hold out much longer . . . You grow wetter with each passing thrust, and the sight of you atop me, my God!” He cupped her breasts, leaned up and took hold of a nipple. His tongue wrapped around it and then he nibbled, causing her to moan like she wallowed in sin and sensual delights without any fear of God and his wrath.
“Oh, please, make that sound again,” he said, tugging with his teeth on her nipple and grasping a hip, forcing her to slam herself down on him.

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