Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Chapter 14 Cuffs Teaser

Chapter 14: Collared

How many times is that bitch gonna call and text?

I shove Bella’s phone across my desk.

Allie sure has a knack for getting under a Dom’s skin.

I hate that I can’t text Bella since I’ve got her phone, but this had to be dealt with.


Another text? Is she kidding me?

I try to ignore it so I can get through a large pile of paperwork since my plan is to leave early today so I can surprise Bella for our collaring ceremony tonight.

But this bitch won’t stop—Allie can’t seem to keep from spewing hate.


“Fuck, woman, get a life!” I groan.

I finally pick it up and read her last two messages. Mostly I’ve ignored them. When I have answered them, it’s been with clipped, abbreviated responses.

I talked to Mike this morning. I ran into him at Starbucks. He says you’re dating a psycho, and that Edward sent somebody after him. They robbed his apartment and everything. Call me!

I chuckle until I read the second one . . .

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