Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Chapter 15 God and My Right teaser

Chapter 15

Harry read it for the third time. It was euphoria, and it was damnation. It was love, and it was abomination.

How could he ever figure this woman out? She perplexed and mesmerized him to a frightening degree. His chest felt flayed open, all for her.


You may know who I am, and you may know where I am, but where my heart is—that you shall never know. For I have no complete answer for myself, other than I wish to stay where I am.

I have tried to quell the desire to see you and explain so you would have mercy, but it will not abate.

I think we may need to meet privately, and I will hold you to a promise to refrain from harming your brother, otherwise I will be forced to disappear for good, and you shall never see this woman’s visage again.

If you agree, then I shall set a suitable date and time.

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