Thursday, May 30, 2013

Chapter 16 Cuffs Teaser

Chapter 16: Moved

“Good news, Master,” Bella chirps in the phone.

“Do I need to leave work early to celebrate?” I ask, my fingers tapping at the edge of my desk, ready to shut my laptop and leave now if she says something I want to hear.

“My house sold! Can you believe it, Master?”

She’s damn near giddy, and I’m smiling so hard, I can barely stand to sit here and not hug her tight. A small tinge of guilt plagues me simultaneously, though. I’d told her I’d deal with selling her house, but lately I’ve been so busy at the office, I’ve had to work late, and it just didn’t seem feasible for me to deal with that as well.

“That’s wonderful. Are you excited to feel like you have a more permanent spot at my side?”

“Mmhmm, and that’s not all, Master. I think I might’ve found a job as well.”

My heart kind of ricochets around my ribs on this news. A primitive part of me wants her home where I can reach her any time. I don’t relish the idea of her being in an office where any asshole can be leering at her and maybe even be hitting on her.


I bite back a growl, threatening to escape.

“Oh, someone’s gonna be so happy when he gets home. I have a surprise,” she sing-songs.

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