Monday, May 20, 2013

Chapter 4 Cuffs visuals and info (not safe for work!)

There are so many beautiful submissive poses, it was hard to choose which ones to use, but here are some examples of the poses described and used in the story up to this point.

Edward talks about imagining her in kowtow, and this is what he wants (one of my absolute fave positions. I can't imagine being more submissive and humble this--breathtaking!):

When her toes are described as en point, this is what I'm talking about:

Sex kitten posture or pose (but imagine it on a chair, and I'm sure he was imagining her naked just like this pic):

Classic damsel:

Imagine her sitting, legs together like this at her desk almost every time he talks to her:

If you want to see more of them, these are excellent sources I found very useful (warning: nudity in these pics, not safe for work):

Here's how they explain resting standing submissive pose:

(Female) submissive should stand with spine straight in neutral position, back leg is straight and bearing the weight of the body, front leg is slightly bent at the knee and brought forward in front of the back leg. Front foot is pointed or en pointe position.

I couldn't find any pics without full frontal nudity to show you this pose. Sorry... You'll have to go onto one of these two links I shared or do your own research.

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