Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Chapter 8 Cuffs Teaser

Teaser time...

Chapter 8: Knotted

She lives an hour away.

I have no right to be pissed about it, but I am.


That’s an hour we waste trying to get to each other.

I’m clawing at my hair as I drive over, ready to surprise her.

I haven’t seen her in three days.

Three dragging, tiring, mind-numbing days.

I’m going out of my mind.

I call her constantly, text and generally make myself a pain in the ass.

She’s ever gracious about it, responding enthusiastically, but I’m sure she’s sick to death of my pathetic ass being nothing but a nuisance.

I speak to her, and it’s like the air moves through my stagnant lungs again.

I have no idea what she’s done to me, but I’m so wrapped up in her, I can barely function at this point.

Yes, I go to work, get the jobs done. It’s always temporary, since I roam to a different location whenever I’m needed somewhere else, but my heart’s not in it anymore.

I glance at my gift on the seat next to me and drive a little faster.

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