Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Contradictions on the kink list answered

Some of my readers pointed out some contradictions on Bella's kink list. They were done on purpose. Hopefully I can clear them up right now without giving away too much of the rest of the story.

Here are the items that were pointed out to me by various readers (questions in red, my answers in blue):

No breath play but willing to do asphyxiation and choking.

I've been told breath play is very dangerous and can be more frightening than asphyxiation and choking. Obviously, it depends on the players and their experience level, but since this Bella has only been with one other Dom and has only been in the lifestyle for a few years, she's heard a few scary things that have her gun shy on a few items. It's safe to assume this list will be revisted more than once as she begins to play with Edward and these types of concerns will be brought up and discussed. Along with this, there are some people that are cool with choking with the hands, but no ropes or chains around the neck. I would be one of those people. One I find incredibly erotic and hot, and the other just plain frightening. No judgment on people that like it because I can definitely see the appeal (on breath control as well--actually read an insanely sexy scene with breath control in a novel a few months ago, and it had me all worked up--ask me about it if you want to know more on this book) but everyone's brand of kink is different and there are nuances that are hard to flesh out in a short online story. For my published works, I get heavier into the reasons and explanation. Sorry but I just don't have the time right now to go deeper for a fan fic. Hopefully down the road I can...

No to foot worship but yes to boot worship.

Okay, I admit this is purely me injecting myself into the character here. Had my toes sucked once, and it was simply not for me. I don't like my feet touched at all. I consequently, don't like touching anyone elses feet either. That would a form of extreme punishment for me. But boot worship? If the Dom was wearing Doc's, hell yeah, I'd kiss that boot as long it wasn't covered in dog crap. There's something about being on the floor kissing his boot that gets me all sorts of tingly. Can't explain it, but it's there.

Yes to saran wrap but no to mummification.

Here's one where I wish I had a lot more time at my disposal to put more subtleties in the story. I'm very temperature sensitive and hate to sweat, but for some reason saran wrap appeals to me. I think I just like the way it looks and feels, and even sounds when it squeaks a little. And it can be applied in small sections of the body. Mummification seems more overwhelming to me.

I'm not overly claustrophobic, but being mummified creeps me out, so I went with my gut on these two. They might not make sense, but again, a kink list is very personalized. It doesn't really have to make sense, just fit that person's likes and dislikes. Once more, I injected my personality into this Bella.

No to beating but yes to riding crops, paddles and whips.

This is a tricky one. This Bella is not into pain, but a little bit of pain administered at the right time is insanely hot. A riding crop on the clit, on the ass or breasts I've been told is a staple in BDSM play for most couples, so there was no way I was going to leave this out. The feeling of a palm striking those spots is very arousing for me, so I can only imagine it being more intense from these impliments. Same thing with the paddles and whips. They kind of lent themselves in the same direction, but from talking to other people in the lifestyle, reading and, yes, even fantasizing about it, there's a difference between having these things done, or even being flogged, from being beaten. A light beating would be fine with this Bella, but she's not into pain. She wants the erotic nature of serving her Dom to be released out of her. Beating is not her thing.

Branding OK as long as it was "Temporary and depending on how it’s done would be okay. Nothing permanent."

Even a "temporary" branding will leave scarring and will pretty much never heal w/out a trace. It's a safer bet to always assume any branding will be permanent to a certain degree.

This is probably my inexperience coming through here, but I was thinking along the lines of markers like Sharpies, or even hickies, pinching where there's a temporary mark, or with a paddle that has his initials grooved into it. Henna tattoes even would be along these lines or tannning his intials somewhere onto her body. That's what I meant on this kink list here. I apologize if I was misunderstanding what this meant on the list.

Last but not least--"Will you please make a kink list for Edward and post that as well."

The answer for now is going to be no. I'm not going to even begin to pretend I could do a Dom's kink list justice. I'm still learning about this lifestyle and am not confident enough to do something like that yet. Maybe down the road in a few months I could go back and do that, but for now, I'll have to decline. Sorry. I figure you would have a better imagination anyway coming up with might be on his list. Besides, the story's told from his POV, so we're in his head. We're not in hers, so I thought her kink list would give us better insights into who she is. Thank you to all of you that brought these issues to my attention. I was happy to address them and clear up any confusion. :D

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