Friday, May 24, 2013

God and My Right chapter 14 Teaser

Chapter 14

Edward sighed and grimaced.

He disliked it greatly when William attended to his ankle, rather than his wife, but today, she was required for business affairs. Now that she was back in her court, there were expectations placed on her. No matter how much she tried to demur to the other counselors who had taken over in her absence, her loyal subjects seemed intent on putting her back in power.

She was miserable each time they forced matters upon her.

He would hold her tonight, coo softly in her ear and caress her seeds out of her with his hands and tongue.

She would like that.

He smiled until riiiiip!

“Ow, goddammit! Be careful, please!” Edward said, his leg burning at the way William tore the bandages off.

He sucked in large volumes of air, trying to suffer through the pain as best he could.

“The doctor says I must be firm, otherwise it will never heal,” William said.

“Well, to devil with that doctor, I say,” Edward hissed.

“And I do, too. He is an odd man. But then . . .” William averted his eyes away from Edward and tended to his leg.

“Then what? Come, come—you cannot engage me and then drop it like the reins on a wild stallion being broken in. I must know, or my mind will run wild like a horse would do.” Edward stared at him.

“I was going to say, but then you married a very peculiar woman. No one understands her,” William said. His face pinched at the corners, as if he was expecting a blow to come hurtling his way.

“Speak your mind. I am not my brother. My anger stays in check unless someone tries to fondle Isabella—then by all means, I turn into a savage, mindless brute.”

William chuckled. “If you are certain?”

“I am.” Edward nodded.

William unwound the rest of the bandages and his touch was a little less harsh now.

Edward would have to remember to talk to him and keep his mind engaged next time he was to handle Edward’s leg in the stead of the doctor or his wife.

“You know her background?”

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