Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Just an Hour chapter 20 Teaser

Chapter 20

Edward held Bella all night. It was the best sleep she ever had.

And when she woke, he kissed her for several minutes with such passion, her toes cramped up from curling so much.

It was a good night, and a terrific morning.

“Morning, beautiful,” he said fisting her hair and rubbing his clothed cock on her thigh.

“Morning, Sir.” She smiled with a lazy grin, her eyelids heavy.

“I love watching you sleep. You smile sometimes, and you even make these happy little purring sounds.” He kissed her cheek and rolled away.

“Oh, God, I’m . . . I didn’t say anything did I, Sir?” She wiped the sleep out of her eyes.

“You only said the word fuck more times than I’ve ever heard you say it, and my name came out a few times.” He smirked and winked.

“I did not,” she said, her face going pale.

“If you want the proof, I’ll play you the recording later.” She gasped, and he continued on, “But right now, it’s time to get up, eat, shower, get dressed. We’ve got somewhere to be.”

He held his palm out to her.

“And you’re still not going to tell me, Sir?”

“Nope,” he said, popping his P. “But I will feed you, wash you, and dress you if you don’t get your ass out of bed right now.”

She groaned and heaved herself out of the comfortable nest they’d made.

“Just don’t expect me to be all cheery without my caffeine fix. No smiles until my veins are buzzing, Sir.”

“You give a good warning, but I hate to tell you—you’ve already smiled at me, so that makes you a liar. But since you barely woke up, I’ll let it go . . .”

“Anything you’d like for breakfast, Sir?”

He grinned. “You already know what I like to eat."

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