Monday, June 17, 2013

Breaking Blood on Alabaster chapter 5 Teaser

Chapter 5

Isabella. The woman he detested more than all others.

The woman that broke his nose and now visited his dreams.

All he could think about was that little woman with the flaring hips and tiny waist. Her buxom figure was haunting him.

Four days now he’d been trapped in his apartment at the top of the world, where he could see all that happened below him, but couldn’t follow.

He stared at his reflection in the window.

Two black eyes, a swollen nose and red splotches all around his throat from where she tried to strangle him.


A choppy laugh rumbled in his throat. Succeeded.

She could have killed him if she’d wanted to.

For some reason she stopped.

And according to his brother, she did not take all of the money from the placed bets she’d earned.

She only took twenty three dollars, twice the amount Edward had owed her for her last set of wages that she’d gotten so upset about.

Edward paced around the room, unsettled.

This woman made no sense.

Most women didn’t, but she was exceptionally strange and intriguing, and . . . a little dangerous.

His chest heated thinking about her.

She did not dress in the latest fashions, and it didn’t seem to be due to lack of money.

He stood in his underclothes, and the more he thought of her, the harder his cock became.

If she could choke him like that and break his nose without a qualm, what would she be like in bed?

His stomach flipped, he broke into gooseflesh, and that was it.

No more hiding even if his face looked deformed, and he resembled a demon.

He got dressed, pulled on his hat and coat and rather than calling for his personal carriage, he paid for a ride.

The driver was courteous and silent until Edward told him he wanted to get to the lower east side.

“But, sir, it’s late!” the driver said, his voice cracking and going up in pitch.

“It is called night for a reason,” Edward replied, rolling his eyes and drumming his fingers on the door to the carriage.

“But I . . . It’s not safe,” the driver said, frowning.

“I’ll triple your fee, and you’ll leave so quickly no one will bother you.” Edward paid the original fee upfront then he waved his wrist for the driver to get going as Edward settled into his seat.

The carriage ride was smooth until they got to the rough, uneven cobblestones of the lower east side.

This rotten, revolting smell of sewage infiltrated Edward’s nostrils, and he grimaced then covered his mouth to keep from gagging.

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