Monday, June 3, 2013

Chapter 17 God and My Right teaser (final chapter)

This is it folks... The final chapter. :)

Chapter 17

Edward’s hands were always on her. He fed her himself, fawned all over her and always had love filled eyes for her.

“Love, eat more, you must gain your strength back so you can fight him if he tries to take you against your will,” he said.

She yawned and stretched out on his lap. “He has not been here yet, and it has been three days. They leave us food and pay us no heed. The guards do not even seem to mind I am out of that hellish spiky prison,” she replied.

She reached up and scratched lightly at his jaw. His beard was coming in, and damn him, he was even more beautiful when rugged like this.

She desired him more than ever, and they did not hesitate to make love on the seed-soaked mattress.

It did not matter if anyone heard them.

Though they had never heard any noises from other prisoners, so they were unsure if anyone else was being held here in this place.

“Why would he leave us here like this?” he asked.

“To torture our addled brains. He means to break us down by making us go mad, trying to figure out his evil designs.” She nuzzled her head into his lap. “I will not succumb to his wiles—none of them. I am here with you, and that is all I care about. I will cherish each moment I can touch you unfettered and free.”

“His design is to make me glut on you so when he takes you away again, I break in the first instant. He is more cunning than the devil.” His jaw flexed and his chest tensed.

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