Monday, June 3, 2013

Chapter 20 Cuffs teaser for the final chapter

Final chapter posts tomorrow.

Chapter 20: Delivered
6 months later . . .

I sit at my desk, trying to concentrate.

Fuck, she was having a lot of contractions this morning.

I should’ve stayed home with her, but she almost shoved me out the door.

Weeks of this.

When would the baby come?

She was a week past due.

The doctor was talking about induction, but he didn’t seem overly concerned since everything else looked fine.

Blood pressure remained good, her weight gain good, everything was just good.

Not great.

Isabella was good. Not great.

She was sick of being pregnant, and I wanted to see that sparkly smile of hers again.

I snort a laugh. Sparkly. Sparkle. That insane woman that told Isabella all that shit at the end of our honeymoon.

I hope her wallet gets stolen for making my wife feel bad about her situation with her mother.

A lump forms in my throat, and I settle back in my chair, gripping the back of my head.

Fuck. The baby will be here any day, and Isabella never said, but I can tell . . . She wants her mother to come see her and the baby after the birth.

What woman wouldn’t want the grandparents to visit their newly arrived grandchild?

Without thinking, I grab my phone out of my pocket, and call up that vile woman.

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