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Knots mini teaser chapter 15

Mark, his mother and Jeanie from Chapter 15:

“You have plenty of style, and with fabulous cheek bones like yours—you make this hat look much better than I ever could. I insist you wear it throughout the service. It’ll help you get used to the feel of it and gain confidence as a hat-wearing woman.” His mother nodded in approval, her smile still affixed in place.

“Are you sure? I wouldn’t want to deny you the privilege of—”

“The service is about to start,” Mother cut her off. “Mark—” she leaned forward so she could see him, and he did the same “—hold this little girl’s hand to keep her in place and to keep her from turning coward and removing this stunning hat off her beautiful head.” Mother gripped Jeanie’s other hand.

Sleeves mini teaser chapter 15

Kel and Casey from Chapter 15:

“Kel—no! We’re being monitored on cameras,” she squealed, trying to get his hands to be in a less embarrassing spot in case someone came in and they got caught.

He kept going; undeterred. His hands moved up the back of her dress and he squeezed over her panties. A moment later, his fingers dove under the material, and he was fingering her shamelessly. “Christ, you feel good in my hands. Want a quick fuck, that’s all. We won’t get caught. I’ve done it in the cage before with tons of women around, looking for it. No one will know.”

“Gaaaaawd,” she groaned and her hands slipped under his shirt. She was being as reckless and naughty as he was. “I hate that bitch you fucked in the cage, and I don’t even know who she is.” She bit his right pec through his shirt and that was enough to set him on fire for her.

He pinned her into the chair, straddled her and had his cock out, hidden by the material of the bottom of her dress.

She stifled a moan the second he penetrated her. Instead of moving fast like a quick fuck would imply, he slowly edged his way in and circled his hips.

“They’re gonna poke us,” he said, pushing deep and resting his forehead on hers, giving her a dark look filled with desire, “and prod us. But they don’t know how that shit’s done like I do.” He ground slowly until she was panting from his tease.

“They’re going to catch us if you don’t get this going,” she said, her eyes heavy and stuck on his.

“I know . . . I want them to see what I do to you—my know-it-all bitch that fucks like she’s possessed. Let’s me mark her because I own her.” He twisted her nipple through her dress. “Where should I mark you today? Somewhere obvious, or somewhere hidden, so if they see it, they’ll know I’ve had you—all of you? Hmm . . . ?”

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Knots mini teaser chapter 14

Marly, Toloa and Jeanie from Chapter 14:

“You’re blaming this on me?”

“No. We’re not talking about it,” her mother said.

Jeanie swallowed hard and wished she was anywhere but here.

The fault was all hers, not Marly’s.

If she’d told them herself, instead of forcing Mark to do it, maybe things wouldn’t have blown up like that.

Sleeves mini teaser chapter 14

Casey from Chapter 14:

“This man is the most incredible person ever.” She picked up their clasped hand and kissed the back of it. “He’s affectionate, genuine and generous with his praise of me, and he’s honest right down to the core. If he likes something, I’m told. If he doesn’t like it, well, I hear about that, too, and he’s got the best sense of humor ever. I don’t think I’ve ever been happier, and that’s even after being captured and injected with all sorts of unnameable stuff.”

Monday, July 29, 2013

Knots mini teaser chapter 13

Mark and Jeanie from Chapter 13:

She sat down, rammed her right foot into a stocking then the left. Her shoes went on next. Without paying much attention, she put the skintight white button up shirt on, and her tits sat like they were on a shelf as they spilled out the opening at the top.

She grabbed the hair bands and slapped them onto her hair sloppily.

Next she marched into the bathroom, grabbed her makeup bag and applied some bright red lipstick, put on some obnoxious powder blue sparkly eyeshadow then used the lipstick as rouge for her cheeks.

She turned around and groped her tits. “How’s this? Clown whore for hire at your service, Sir. Where should I bend over for my spanking so I can get this over with, get out of this ridiculous outfit and go to bed so I can forget about this nightmare?”

“No bending over—no spanking. We’re going to have that conversation now,” he said, pacing in front of her. “And then you’ll have earned your clothes and purse back.”

Sleeves mini teaser chapter 13

Kel and Casey from Chapter 13:

“Let me feel?”

“No—Lord, no!” Her body was rocking back and forth; restless energy as she tried to find something that was comfortable.

“I’ll take you to the hospital—’kay?”

“We c-c-can’t. They might catch us,” she argued.

“I’ve gotta fucking do something. How do I know if you’re dying here?”

“I’m nnnnot dying, asshole.”

He grinned. At least she was able to curse at him. If that was the case, it couldn’t be too bad.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Knots mini teaser chapter 12

Mark and Jeanie from Chapter 12:

“That’s it—come on my cock like a sweet little girl. Make me smell like you, too. The same goes for me. All those women will smell you all over me.” He pulled out, ran his entire inner hand across her wet vulva.

She craned her head over her shoulder and watched with wide-eyes and her breath trapped in her throat as he licked his palm then smeared her juices over his Adam’s apple. His eyes were on fire and devouring her.

“Oh Christ!” She choked back a sob of pleasure at the sight of him so undone.

What had he done today to put him in this state?

“Tell me you missed me,” he said, gripping her behind the neck. His moist hand was on her skin, marking her with both of their scent there now, too. “Tell me you were dying to have me inside you again. Once in the shower—a quick, morning fuck isn’t enough.”

“It’s never enough, Mark.”

Sleeves mini teaser chapter 12

Kel and Casey from Chapter 12:

“Hey, it’s okay. I’m here, aren’t I?”

“Barely.” He kissed the top of her head. “Jesus—Case, you just told me the worst thing I could’ve ever imagined. You were lucky they didn’t listen.”

“But they did listen. They actually asked me questions about what had happened.”

“And you gave them details?” He put her at arm’s length and examined her face.

“Yeah . . . I, well, I . . .”

“I can’t believe they let you keep breathing!” He wrapped her up in a stifling hug, but it was fine.

Everything was fine.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Knots mini teaser chapter 11

Mark and Jeanie from Chapter 11:

“Did you think because I’m a Dom, I don’t have a religious, sensitive side?”

“I don’t know what I thought, but this shocks me, not because it doesn’t fit what I know about you, but because you’re too good to be true. My heart’s pounding furiously for you. Somehow you find a way to unravel me as a person; it’s incredible how you do it with such ease. Sometimes I think it’s reflexive like breathing for you.” She blinked and shifted closer to him.

“It is.” He brushed his fingers across her cheekbone. “With you, it’s completely automatic. I don’t have to think about it. There’s no reason to do that. We simply understand each other on a basic, rudimentary level. I choose to keep that part of us alive and active.”

Sleeves mini teaser chapter 11

Kel and Casey from Chapter 11:

“Some people would argue spankings with a belt can be erotic.” Her lips thinned as she pressed them together. She reached out and stroked his thighs.

“I’m sure they would, but I wouldn’t even begin to know how to do that to make it feel good and not strip your flesh off your bones. I’m stronger than the average guy, and I haven’t been with you enough to know when something like that would be too much. I’d hurt you, and I never want to do that.”

“Then what are you doing with that belt?” She bobbed her head at it and stared at the buckle.

“Trapping you.”

Friday, July 26, 2013

Knots mini teaser chapter 10

Mark and Jeanie from Chapter 10:

“You’re carrying those like they’re about to explode,” he observed.

She smiled but remained quiet. Her shoulders were becoming permanently involved with her earlobes. That was a love affair she was going to have to break up.

“Take a seat next to me, and let’s discuss what’s got you all tense,” he said, patting the cushion.

“I’m fine, Sir. Just unsure of what to talk about, and worried I won’t know what types of questions to ask,” she admitted.

She glided over to his side, sat down with uncharacteristic fluidity. There was something about him that made her feel like she was floating along in a fog.

“Anything that comes to mind, I want you to share so we can be thorough, all right?”

She nodded. “I can do that.”

Sleeves mini teaser chapter 10

Kel and Casey from Chapter 10:

Figure eights were being drawn on the back of her thigh by someone’s fingers, giving Casey chills. She looked down and Kel was beaming at her, touching her. “Sit your ass down, sweetheart, and I’ll tell you what’s going on if you’ll eat while I’m doing it.”

She nodded, bent her knees and somehow found herself curled up in his lap as he fed her like a lost child.

Her teeth bit into the food like a savage, but he seemed oblivious. He nuzzled her with his nose, kissed her all over her face and stroked her when he wasn’t busy putting food in her mouth.

“I love having you in my arms again,” he murmured and nibbled at her ear.

“I love it, too, but . . .” She set her palm on his chest and inhaled deeply. “Can you tell me why we’re here?”

A car screeched out front and she jumped in his lap.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Knots mini teaser chapter 9

Mark and Jeanie from Chapter 9:

“Squirm, sweetheart. I wanna see it.” He smirked. “You do it so well.”

“Not funny, Sir.”

“It sure as hell is. I’m smiling, aren’t I?” He pointed at his grin.

She smacked his chest playfully. “You’re smiling because you think I’m a silly little girl.”

“Nope.” He popped his P and yanked her chin open. A kiss was what she needed. She listened better to his body. When his tongue moved in and took over, she melted into him and curled around his body.

It was breathtaking, the way she gave in and surrendered so beautifully.

More. God, more of that.

He broke the kiss. “Come home with me now and go through the kink list and contract so we can move forward.”

Sleeves mini teaser chapter 9

Kel and Casey from Chapter 9:

She yanked on his jeans, signaling for him to take them off.

He did but gave her a questioning brow.

What was this woman doing?

She tucked her hair up into knot while he stripped down to nothing but his boxer briefs, the same ones he’d been wearing for who knew how many days.

They probably smelled horrendous, along with his soiled jeans that presently had Johnathan’s blood on it.

She shrugged into his jeans, tucked her shirt in and then pushed Robbie over to Kel.

“What’s the plan?” he mouthed at her.

She put her finger to her lips, took the guard’s keys in her hands that Kel had taken while inside.

With her shoulders pulled back and a gun tucked in his jeans pocket, she strolled casually through the parking lot over to the van.

Was she insane?

Cover for Sleeves is ready!

Oh my word! My cover is ready for Sleeves! I'll be sending out ARCs later today or possibly tomorrow. It's not too late to tell me you want an ARC! All you have to do is review it on Goodreads and Amazon. Can barely sit still I'm so nervous and excited!!!

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Knots mini teaser chapter 8

Mark from Chapter 8:

“It’s simple—I love you enough to care about giving reminders, but I don’t expect perfection. I do expect you to care though, too. And that’s all that matters. We’re both invested. That’s how this works. That’s why the fears go away. You know I’m completely devoted to you and your happiness, and I have the satisfaction of knowing I get the same in return. What about that doesn’t sound like everything you’ve ever wanted right down to your marrow?”

Sleeves mini teaser chapter 8

Casey and stranger in the grocery store from Chapter 8:

“Oh my God!” the blonde gasped and pointed at her. “You’re the one! You’re the one he’s destroying himself over. You have to come to the club tonight! He’ll see you and he’ll go ballistic. He’ll probably force you to do . . .” the blonde looked around then lowered her voice “. . . really kinky shit with him.”

Casey mimicked her to show her how ridiculous and childish she was being. She hunched over and whispered back, “I don’t think so. We’re not good for each other, and he’s merely a fantasy man. No one’s that perfect, even if he can work a crowd into foaming at the mouth without even trying.”

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Publication date for Knots

After talking to my publishing team and family, the date for Knots release will be pushed back a few weeks. The new date will be September 20th, 2013. That will give me more time to make sure both novels get the respect and time they deserve from me.

Knots teaser chapter 7

Mark and Jeanie from Chapter 7:

“Is it swollen?”

“Mmm,” she hummed.

“Is it ready to make you come?”

Same reaction.

He bit her breast.

She moaned with such an edgy guttural force, he was leaking.

“You’re not ready yet.” Another look at the clock. “Forty-one minutes to go, sweet thing.” He took both her wrists into one hand then shoved two fingers back inside her.

She whimpered and closed her eyes. Her head lolled to the right.

“Grip them . . . Until you show them how tight you’re gonna be for my dick, you’re not gettin’ it.”

Sleeves mini teaser chapter 7

Kel and Maddie scene in the club from Chapter 7:

“Booooo! Get her out and away from there, then,” someone said.

“You heard them—get the fuck away from my cage, bitch.” He pursed his lips at her.

She glared at him then went back to the bar.

He paced, glowering at her friend, Maddening—his new name for her since he wasn’t about to ask her what it was.

In the next moment, he ripped his shirt off, he clanked his fingers against the bars but kept staring at her.

Maddening simply sat there, staring back. She drank and chatted with Max but was calm and undisturbed by the aggressive acts Kel displayed in his cage.

He huffed, gripped the bars, stood there for several moments peering into her impassive face.

His chest built up in pressure and became so tight he couldn’t bear it anymore. “Ahhhhhh!” he screamed.

He picked up his chair, threw it at the cage’s bars. He picked up his water, threw it at her, but it hit the bars, busted and splashed the women at the first table.

Instead of cowering away from him, the women catcalled and begged him to rip the rest of his clothes off.

So he did. He yanked his jeans off and stood there in nothing but his black boxer briefs, his chest bursting in flames and his heart pounding so loud he could hear what sounded like ocean waves in his ears.

Max turned up the pumping music, making the atmosphere more charged.

Kel clawed at his chest, stroked his cock through the material, and howled at Maddening over and over.

He climbed up the cage bars and hung from the top like some crazed gorilla.

How could she do this to him? How could she be here and act like none of it mattered?

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I'm the newest member of the Mayhem Publishing team!

Exciting news!

My two novels coming out next month, Sleeves and Knots will be published through Mayhem Publishing. I'm so excited to be a part of this team...

Here's my bio they've added, and I'll be uploading my new AVI soon.

Chanse Lowell grew up in the desert southwest and still lives there with her husband, children, and pet cactus. She’s addicted to three things: reading erotica, writing erotica and sandwiches with a side of erotica to aid with digestion. She grew up watching programs with science fiction and historical fiction themes, and is determined she can combine her three favorite genres, creating a new breed of novel with scifi, historical and smut sandwiched in the middle.

The last thing she ever thought she’d do was pursue her dream to be a writer since her family tends to keep her busy. When she was introduced to fan fiction, she realized she wanted to see more science fiction and historical fiction to fill in the gap with lots of naughtiness thrown in, of course. Her true passion is creating her own worlds from scratch, letting her imagination go and take her to another place.

She has two novels coming out soon, Sleeves a science fiction erotica and Knots, a contemporary BDSM that shows the softer, tender side of a Dom/sub relationship. Having recently entered the lifestyle and discovering she’s a submissive herself has opened her eyes to how few stories there are exploring the softer side of the lifestyle. She enjoys chatting online with others with similar kinky interests and has advisers in the lifestyle that help make sure her stories remain true and don’t veer off into outer space. Although aliens probably enjoy kink, too, since they like to dress in rubber fetish-wear while traveling. At least that’s her argument for why her new genre she’s created is valid.

Knots teaser chapter 6

Mark and Jeanie conversation from Chapter 6:

“I already told you—I never lie, and you, clever girl, have a way of making me damn near close to speechless and breathless. That’s quite a talent you have.”

He tugged on her hand, pulling them toward the beach.

“Story time—listen up because I don’t know if I’ll be able to say this more than once.” He squinted once the sun hit their faces, and he turned them away from the harsh rays. The sun wasn’t quite setting yet, but it would be soon, and there was something about a day ending, with him at her side that heated her insides into a smooth, silky feeling.

“I don’t know if you remember the first time we met four years ago, but I remember it better than anything that’s ever happened to me,” he began.

She nodded and squeezed his hand, to encourage him to continue.

“You were wearing this black, strappy little dress, and your legs went on forever in those matching, black strappy heels. I was caught up in how sexy you were right away, but I could’ve gotten past that. I was with another woman, and she and I got along great. But then Pono introduced us, and the second I shook your hand, there was this heat between us—like a spark of something dormant inside me came to life. You smiled, spoke with the softest, sexiest voice I’ve ever heard. And then when Pono left you to go get drinks for both of you, I was taken aback at how readily you followed my lead. I gripped the back of your elbow, led you over to the table where my date was, and chose where you sat. You were so comfortable with my touch right away, that I wanted more.”

Sleeves mini teaser chapter 6

Kel and Casey conversation from Chapter 6:

“Look at me—” he tipped her head up once more, and she managed to look into those bright eyes full of questions “—you’re different. No one ever comes to the club and actually talks to me, let alone touches me like I’m a person.”

“Why do you do it then? If it’s so awful, why put yourself through that?”

He blinked and offered a soft, forgiving smile. “You’re the know-it-all-bitch, remember, so I’m sure you already know the answer to that.”

Breaking Blood on Alabaster final post -- Murray Hall,_January_19,_1901
This article was a huge driving force behind writing this story. I simply had to share it with someone, and so it began...

Murray Hall was from Scotland. Her real name was Mary Anderson. She was orphaned, and after her brother died, she put on his clothes and went to work as a man until she was discovered. Then she came to America.

Sounds boring, right? Uh, not really. The fact this woman fooled politicians and high society in New York for so many years it's astounding to me. I was fascinated by her history and simply had to insert it into my story and turn it into the backbone of this story with Bella’s past marriage with Roman.

A desperate woman in those days might take extreme actions, just like Bella wasn’t afraid to scream in Edward’s face, demand wages, hold a protest and slap him all the time, no matter how much she loved him. She felt downtrodden and unsafe, and a frightened creature will do almost anything for survival. Including Roman pretending to be a man, when he was in fact Romona, a woman, trying to protect her sister and her best friend whom she deeply admired, Isabella.

Doesn’t seem too far fetched after you read Murray Hall’s information, does it? History’s better than fiction a lot of times. And stories like hers blow me away.

Thank you to all of you who took a chance on Breaking Blood on Alabaster. I was really obsessed with this story for about a month solid, and I’m so glad there were readers for it. I really figured this one might not have any because it’s so different. I was happy to be proved wrong. ;D

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Knots mini teaser chapter 5

Mark and Jeanie conversation from Chapter 5:

“We talked about it later after we . . . Well, you know.”

“Made love?”


“And how was that? Was it emotional?”

“No.” She tightened her arms around herself and still kept her eyes off him. “And not that it’s any of your business, Sir,” she said this word like it was a curse, “but it was stable.”

He exhaled in a slow, steady stream. “That’s another way of saying it was predictable and polite.”

“It was quiet and nice. There’s nothing wrong with that.” Her head finally snapped back at him.

“There’s a reason it’s called vanilla. Not just because it’s safe, but because when a relationship first starts out, everything’s exciting, hot and heavy. Then things die down over time. He touches the woman there X many times, she comes. She puts her mouth on him there, he gets hard. He pumps inside her quietly, no one says a word, no one really gets what they want but a meager orgasm they could’ve attained at their own hand. Vanilla gets old real quick, gets bland and it doesn’t even matter if it is still a basic, staple flavor, no one wants to have vanilla every day.”

“It’s boring,” she supplied.

He smiled and leaned into her, his lips at her ear, parting through her hair. “Exactly . . . And I don’t fuck a woman into being bored, nor do I do boring anywhere in my life at all.”

Sleeves mini teaser chapter 5

Kel and Casey conversation from Chapter 5:

“I had a moment there when you were making love to me,” she moistened her bottom lip, “when I could feel it in my bones, that I needed to be with you this way. That I needed to give you all of me, and in the end, I think I got way more than I ever gave up.”

“Jesus—is that why you let me act like a fucker, tearing into you like that?” He finally pulled out and ran his hands down his face and groaned in disgust. “You told me you don’t fuck like that. You didn’t want to hurt me, and I didn’t give you any other option.”

“What are you talking about?” She stretched and wore a sated, finished look.

Her skin was radiant and pink. Fuck it all. From this distance, he could still feel the warmth radiating off her.

What if . . . Oh shit! He wasn’t touching her anymore. What if the sting came back?

He settled both palms on her legs.

It was gone. For now . . . But how long would it last?

He swallowed the tears forming in the back of his throat and blinked away the ones forming in his eyes. “How am I supposed to feel when you were so good to me—I mean, you even had ice for me. Who does that? Who thinks of all of this shit so quick and on the fly?” He motioned with his head at the stuff she set out for him. He choked on a shaky breath.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Knots mini teaser chapter 4

Tia and Jeanie conversation from Chapter 4:

“He spanked you because of me?” Her voice cracked and she shoved up to sitting. Her heart about dropped into the mattress. She could never be okay with someone else being harmed because of her. How was that even something to consider? Why would he do that? Her eyes cut to the door once more.

Then something tightened inside her and her clit actually throbbed.

Oh God . . . This sounded scary and too erotic for her own good. Why was her body reacting this way?

Her nipples tightened and her breathing deepened.

Mark. Spanking.

Jesus, kill her now. Preferably with a paddle since that was what she was now visualizing—she was that demented.

“Yeah—” Tia laughed again “—he knew I was baiting him. I was pushing him on purpose, being a brat. He never spanked me in anger. Actually, he thought it was fun. He got out his aggression, and I got exactly what I wanted.”

“You wanted him to do that to you?” Her throat was painfully dry. She searched her dresser once more for that water bottle.

Sleeves mini teaser chapter 4

Kel and Casey conversation from Chapter 4:

“Not even close.” He giggled again like a little kid. “You suck at this.”

“Sorry, I . . .” She pinched his ass for a moment and he grunted.

“Fuck—that makes me hard. You never did that before. You were always afraid ta hurt me. Me!” His left arm flew in the air, and then he gripped the back of her neck.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Knots mini teaser chapter 3

Mark and Jeanie conversation from Chapter 3:

“Did you want some bacon?” Those were still in the pan. He didn’t want to offend her because some women were horrified if he even mentioned bacon around them.

“God . . . bacon? Are you fucking kidding me?”

He grinned and cocked an eyebrow at her. Dirty mouth was right when she was shocked by something. Oh, how that made him want her even more.

“I love bacon!” She leaned over, tried to grab two pieces, and his instincts kicked in.


He smacked the back of her hand.

Her face immediately dropped. “You hit me.”

“You deserved it.” He smiled bigger.

“To be hit?”

“To be taught.”

“With hitting?” She leaned away from him.

“With correction. Did it hurt?”

“My feelings, yes.”

“Did I hurt your feelings when I smacked your ass in bed?”

She turned dark red instantly. “Well, no, but . . .”

“But what?”

“Okay, yes, it did hurt my feelings because right after that is when you ran away.” She frowned. “Sometimes I don’t understand you.”

“Ask me when you don’t understand, and I’ll explain.”

She crossed her arms over her chest and stood up, moving off the breakfast stool.

“You know what, it’s fine. I made a mistake. I can see that now. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be rude. I just thought that . . .” She started to walk away, and he grabbed her by the arm and pulled her back for round three.

She was in his arms, pressed up against his chest.

“In my world, when something’s not right, it’s corrected. I didn’t want to hurt you, just teach you. Can you understand that?”