Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Knots mini teaser chapter 1

I've always loved Christmas in July, so instead of 12 days of Christmas, since both my stories coming out next month, Knots and Sleeves, have 17 chapters, I figured I'd do 17 days of mini teasers. Let the mayhem start!


Some of these scenes may change or even be omitted from the story before it’s published since it’s currently in the editing phase…

Mark and Jeanie conversation from Chapter 1:

“I . . . I wanted to make a short pit-stop on the way to the burial site,” she said, turning to him.

They stopped walking a few feet from his car.

“Whatever you need—I’m here for you. You know that, right?”

Her eyes dried out as she stood there unblinking with her mouth gaping a little. “Why?”

“Why question it? You need me right now, and I’m happy to help.” He smiled, but it looked like he was hiding something.

“O-kay.” She took her time walking toward his car once more.

He helped her in and asked where she wanted to go.

“Oceanside beach, please,” she answered.

He sighed and his knuckles popped when he shifted the gear on his car. They were driving in the opposite direction of everyone else.

“I know this is . . . Well, I realize how this’ll look to them, me showing up late to the burial, missing the procession, but I have to do this,” she said, eyes pleading with him.

“I’m not one to question what a woman wants . . .”

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