Sunday, July 28, 2013

Knots mini teaser chapter 12

Mark and Jeanie from Chapter 12:

“That’s it—come on my cock like a sweet little girl. Make me smell like you, too. The same goes for me. All those women will smell you all over me.” He pulled out, ran his entire inner hand across her wet vulva.

She craned her head over her shoulder and watched with wide-eyes and her breath trapped in her throat as he licked his palm then smeared her juices over his Adam’s apple. His eyes were on fire and devouring her.

“Oh Christ!” She choked back a sob of pleasure at the sight of him so undone.

What had he done today to put him in this state?

“Tell me you missed me,” he said, gripping her behind the neck. His moist hand was on her skin, marking her with both of their scent there now, too. “Tell me you were dying to have me inside you again. Once in the shower—a quick, morning fuck isn’t enough.”

“It’s never enough, Mark.”

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