Monday, July 29, 2013

Knots mini teaser chapter 13

Mark and Jeanie from Chapter 13:

She sat down, rammed her right foot into a stocking then the left. Her shoes went on next. Without paying much attention, she put the skintight white button up shirt on, and her tits sat like they were on a shelf as they spilled out the opening at the top.

She grabbed the hair bands and slapped them onto her hair sloppily.

Next she marched into the bathroom, grabbed her makeup bag and applied some bright red lipstick, put on some obnoxious powder blue sparkly eyeshadow then used the lipstick as rouge for her cheeks.

She turned around and groped her tits. “How’s this? Clown whore for hire at your service, Sir. Where should I bend over for my spanking so I can get this over with, get out of this ridiculous outfit and go to bed so I can forget about this nightmare?”

“No bending over—no spanking. We’re going to have that conversation now,” he said, pacing in front of her. “And then you’ll have earned your clothes and purse back.”

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