Saturday, July 20, 2013

Knots mini teaser chapter 4

Tia and Jeanie conversation from Chapter 4:

“He spanked you because of me?” Her voice cracked and she shoved up to sitting. Her heart about dropped into the mattress. She could never be okay with someone else being harmed because of her. How was that even something to consider? Why would he do that? Her eyes cut to the door once more.

Then something tightened inside her and her clit actually throbbed.

Oh God . . . This sounded scary and too erotic for her own good. Why was her body reacting this way?

Her nipples tightened and her breathing deepened.

Mark. Spanking.

Jesus, kill her now. Preferably with a paddle since that was what she was now visualizing—she was that demented.

“Yeah—” Tia laughed again “—he knew I was baiting him. I was pushing him on purpose, being a brat. He never spanked me in anger. Actually, he thought it was fun. He got out his aggression, and I got exactly what I wanted.”

“You wanted him to do that to you?” Her throat was painfully dry. She searched her dresser once more for that water bottle.

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