Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sleeves mini teaser chapter 15

Kel and Casey from Chapter 15:

“Kel—no! We’re being monitored on cameras,” she squealed, trying to get his hands to be in a less embarrassing spot in case someone came in and they got caught.

He kept going; undeterred. His hands moved up the back of her dress and he squeezed over her panties. A moment later, his fingers dove under the material, and he was fingering her shamelessly. “Christ, you feel good in my hands. Want a quick fuck, that’s all. We won’t get caught. I’ve done it in the cage before with tons of women around, looking for it. No one will know.”

“Gaaaaawd,” she groaned and her hands slipped under his shirt. She was being as reckless and naughty as he was. “I hate that bitch you fucked in the cage, and I don’t even know who she is.” She bit his right pec through his shirt and that was enough to set him on fire for her.

He pinned her into the chair, straddled her and had his cock out, hidden by the material of the bottom of her dress.

She stifled a moan the second he penetrated her. Instead of moving fast like a quick fuck would imply, he slowly edged his way in and circled his hips.

“They’re gonna poke us,” he said, pushing deep and resting his forehead on hers, giving her a dark look filled with desire, “and prod us. But they don’t know how that shit’s done like I do.” He ground slowly until she was panting from his tease.

“They’re going to catch us if you don’t get this going,” she said, her eyes heavy and stuck on his.

“I know . . . I want them to see what I do to you—my know-it-all bitch that fucks like she’s possessed. Let’s me mark her because I own her.” He twisted her nipple through her dress. “Where should I mark you today? Somewhere obvious, or somewhere hidden, so if they see it, they’ll know I’ve had you—all of you? Hmm . . . ?”

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