Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sleeves mini teaser chapter 7

Kel and Maddie scene in the club from Chapter 7:

“Booooo! Get her out and away from there, then,” someone said.

“You heard them—get the fuck away from my cage, bitch.” He pursed his lips at her.

She glared at him then went back to the bar.

He paced, glowering at her friend, Maddening—his new name for her since he wasn’t about to ask her what it was.

In the next moment, he ripped his shirt off, he clanked his fingers against the bars but kept staring at her.

Maddening simply sat there, staring back. She drank and chatted with Max but was calm and undisturbed by the aggressive acts Kel displayed in his cage.

He huffed, gripped the bars, stood there for several moments peering into her impassive face.

His chest built up in pressure and became so tight he couldn’t bear it anymore. “Ahhhhhh!” he screamed.

He picked up his chair, threw it at the cage’s bars. He picked up his water, threw it at her, but it hit the bars, busted and splashed the women at the first table.

Instead of cowering away from him, the women catcalled and begged him to rip the rest of his clothes off.

So he did. He yanked his jeans off and stood there in nothing but his black boxer briefs, his chest bursting in flames and his heart pounding so loud he could hear what sounded like ocean waves in his ears.

Max turned up the pumping music, making the atmosphere more charged.

Kel clawed at his chest, stroked his cock through the material, and howled at Maddening over and over.

He climbed up the cage bars and hung from the top like some crazed gorilla.

How could she do this to him? How could she be here and act like none of it mattered?

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