Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sleeves mini teaser chapter 9

Kel and Casey from Chapter 9:

She yanked on his jeans, signaling for him to take them off.

He did but gave her a questioning brow.

What was this woman doing?

She tucked her hair up into knot while he stripped down to nothing but his boxer briefs, the same ones he’d been wearing for who knew how many days.

They probably smelled horrendous, along with his soiled jeans that presently had Johnathan’s blood on it.

She shrugged into his jeans, tucked her shirt in and then pushed Robbie over to Kel.

“What’s the plan?” he mouthed at her.

She put her finger to her lips, took the guard’s keys in her hands that Kel had taken while inside.

With her shoulders pulled back and a gun tucked in his jeans pocket, she strolled casually through the parking lot over to the van.

Was she insane?

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