Wednesday, July 17, 2013

visuals for Knots

Oh, okay, one or two or ten pics of David Gandy won't kill me. He's exactly what I envision Mark looking like, right down to the piercing dark blue eyes, that amazing smirk and prominent nose. He's all man. There's nothing boyish about him at all.

Here's Mark from Knots...

This bottom picture is almost exactly what I picture him looking like in the very first chapter when Jeanie sees him and he walks into her life.

Now, here's Jeanie. This french model is Megan Farquhar. I love her feline eyes. Jeanie's are a powder blue though, so that's different, but other than that, very similar with the long dark hair, facial structure I envision, but maybe a little more meat on her bones. But then Megan's a model. She's not allowed to have that booty I shake down a town with that I've had my entire life... *sigh*

Can you see why he went after her and why she couldn't resist? Who could resist that man? *double sigh*

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