Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Visuals for Sleeves

Yes, I know... I still have a month before this story is published, but I wanted to share how I sort of envision both Kel and Casey. I wasn't going to bother posting Mark from Knots because he was David Gandy to me, and that man's face is all over the internet, especially on a ton of Goodreads reviews for eroticas, so it's almost trite to use his image at this point. But I will post who I envision as Jeanie.

At any rate, this is how I see Kel from Sleeves, except a little broader in the chest, bigger build and more of a square jawline.

This is Kel... (this model's name is Ryan Bowden in case you've never seen him before)

This is Casey, and no, I never watched Gilmore Girls. I wasn't a fan, but this lady looks similar to Casey... (this actress is Alexis Bledel)

Hopefully when I share clips and teasers, you can envision a little more what these people look like. I always love visuals...

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