Friday, August 2, 2013

Sleeves final mini teaser for chapter 17

This is it folks. The final teaser since this is the last chapter, and not too much longer before this story's published and in your hands. ;D Thanks for reading the teasers...

Kel and Casey from Chapter 17:

“Please, God . . . Can’t take it,” she cried out, her hands clawing at the bars.

“Wish you’d stayed outside the cage yet?” He blew across her fully erect nipple, then he distended it by tugging on it with his lips, wrapped over his teeth.

“Ahhhhhhhh shit!” Her voice escalated the more he tugged on it.

He let it go and then brushed his stubbled cheek across it, abrading it. Not enough to hurt her, but enough to stimulate it further.

So much movement from the audience from that gesture.

He was tempted to glance out in the low-lit room, but what was the point?

None of those bitches had caught his attention like this one had.

“Need to douse you before I come on you,” he said, stroking himself.

“Here!” someone called out, their hand jutting through the bars with a bottle of wine.

His long arm reached out and he leaned to the side. “Thanks,” he said, smiling.

“Oh Christ!” she mewled when the cold bottle rolled across her pubic pad.

“This is for me, not you, bitch. I need it cold so your skin won’t scald me.”

“You’ll fuck me, then?” Her lips twitched into a sort of smile, sort of pained expression.

“Maybe if you ride the bottle for me, then I’ll consider it.”

Without a second’s hesitation, he had the butt of the bottle between her legs, and though her breath hitched several times at the coldness of it, she coated it with her lubrication.

His heart raced, watching this dirty sight.

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