Thursday, August 8, 2013

Slick as Ides published version is now completed

Slick as Ides is done, my lovely friends. I can't believe it. It took me longer than I thought, but over the last 3 days, this story went from 55K words to 93K. That means I'll get carpal tunnels in about 24 hours from writing 38K words in that amount of time. If my kids were back in school, I probably would've been done sooner, but it's okay. I'll give myself a B- on this effort. I'm just glad it's done, and happy with the finished story.

It has a planned release date of October 18th. In the meantime, here's a teaser from the new chapter 1 (hasn't been through edits yet, so please forgive any typos):

I wander back to my desk, and the minute I log into my favorite chat group, I see that name “Vapor,” and I’m tingling and breathless.
God, he’s so hot with the shit he gets up to. He knows exactly what to do to get me going.

Vapor: You there, Ides?

The monitor blinks at me.

“Yeah, I am, you slimy bastard.” I grin and type out a different reply though. Ides: What’s up? Invent anything today?

Vapor: Yep. Invented a way into your wet panties. Wanna come over and check it out, make sure it works correctly?

I bark a deep, biting laugh. “Uh, no. Not happening.” Ides: Sure. I’ll be right over . . .

Vapor: See, I knew you liked me.

Ides: Like is not an issue. It’s an issue of trust.

Vapor: You can trust me. Have I done anything to warrant mistrust?

Ides: Yeah, you have.

Vapor: Such as?

Ides: You seem to know too much about me. How is that possible? No one knows who I am.

Vapor: Did my research, sweetheart. You’re all over the web, whether you know it or not. I know your signature when I see it, woman.

Ides: Right there—the fact you even know my gender is disconcerting.

Vapor: I’ve been tracking you down for months now. Do you know how hard it was to get into this elite hacker chat group? I swear they patted down my balls and made me turn my head and cough before they’d even let me in. Do they think I’ll hunt you down?

Ides: Would you? I swallow, and my pussy throbs. God, I wish he would.

Vapor: For you? I might. I want you, and I think you know I touch myself while I fantasize about you. Can’t you tell I’m doing it right now?

“Pervert,” I whisper and grin wider.

Vapor: I’ve got a fucking hard on about a mile long for you. I swear I practically squirt on my screen each time I chat with you. Want me to film it next time and send it to you? All I’ll need is your email address, hon.

Ides: Nice try. I’m not on here to get hit on or for free porn.


  1. Good Lawdy be I need this ARC!!!

    FYI - posting your cover reveal tomorrow, love it!!

    1. Credoroza, do I already have you on my list as an ARC reviewer? If not, give me your info and I'll add you. Feel free to email me. I'll need your email address, and I'll need to know if you want it in mobi or epub format. So thrilled you're looking forward to it.


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