Saturday, September 7, 2013

A submissive's comments on Knots

The most exciting part about writing Knots is hearing what people in the lifestyle think about it. It's also terrifying at the same time. But this endorsement from another submissive touched me so deeply, I asked her if I could share with all of you. She gave me permission. This is why I write. This is why it means something more to me. To learn something more about humanity, myself and others. To gain a deeper understanding and better perspective.

Here's what my pre-reader wrote (and before I sent this to her, I didn't know her. I found her on one of my Goodreads groups)--

Chanse, this was a great book!  It was a perfect length...not too short.  i related very closely to the feelings and thoughts that jeanie had. i loved it! It reminded me of how my Husband and i first got started.  It was a sweet but sensual telling of a brand new Dom/sub relationship between Mark and Jeanie. Mark reminded me very much of my Husband in the way He wants to just love her, take care of her and protect her, letting Him take the lead in everything.  my Husband treats me like a princess, and that makes me want to serve and please Him all the more.  i loved the sweet, sensual love scenes as well, especially Jeanie's first anal experience.   i have not participated in a BDSM community, but many of the Dom/sub couples i've been in touch with online are this loving kind of monogamous relationship.  Not everyone goes to dungeons/clubs to play, nor does every  Dom share His sub.  i'd be willing to bet that most BDSM couples are of the type you write about in Knots.  i think you have a hit on your hands. Thank you for letting me read this. i don't mind you mentioning my name or telling everyone that i'm a submissive.  I'm not ashamed of my role and really don't care what others think of me.  This works for Us/me.
Best wishes for success with Knots.

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