Monday, September 16, 2013

SHROAG 50 rough draft completed

"Hear ye, hear ye--SHROAG 50's rough draft is now completed!"

I just finished writing it, with the exception of a scene I left out on purpose for my pre-readers that takes place in the final chapter. I thought I'd wait until I get their feedback on the rest of the story before I wrote that particular scene. I also need to write chapter 1 of SHROAG 51, since I want to include that in the story, as the lead up to the next one. Other than that, I'll be proofing it tonight, sending it off to my pre-readers tomorrow and then to my editor hopefully by next week.

Can't wait to share this one. It's been in my brain for years. I can't believe it's now out of my head and on my computer. Such a relief. This was kind of my culmination--or crowning achievement in my eyes. It was to see if I really could combine all my passions into one whirlwind romance with some swashbuckling adventure. I love how the rough draft turned out. ;D

I can honest say, that hands down, Guy is my absolute favorite alpha male I've ever written. He's incredibly strong and romantic. He just oozes masculinity from every pore. Whew! *fans self*

This novel is due to come out in November. More news and teasers to come in the near future! If you're interested in being an ARC reviewer, don't be shy. Let me know. I've started compiling a list already.

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