Saturday, September 14, 2013

SHROAG 50 update

I've been writing SHROAG 50 all week. It was a slow writing week because there were a lot of interruptions with real life, but I am hoping to be done writing it by Monday. There are 18 chapters outlined and last night I finished writing chapter 11. The total word count up to this point is around 57K.

Here's a small teaser from chapter 6. It's a conversation between Guy and Anne:

“Sweet woman—you possess me.”

“That is not a compliment.” She smiled, though, as she said it.

“It is when you consider what it truly means.” His will was shredding with each touch. “What can I do to help you, Anne? I did not mean to make a mess of your life.”

“You did no such thing. It was all complicated before you arrived.” She sighed with a resigned expression. “Harry is an—”

“Asshole,” he said, sighing. “That man does not deserve you or this kingdom.”

She went rigid, then in the next moment—it was like she melted on the spot as his words took root in her heart.

“No one ever speaks of him that way,” she reminded him.

“And why should I care what other people do or think?” He wrapped his fingers around her waist. She kept dabbing at his feverish brow, not shying away from his touch, so he went on. “I only care what you think.”

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