Saturday, September 7, 2013

Slick as Ides teaser 1

Here's the first teaser for my novel, Slick as Ides, to be published on September, 20th. Enjoy!
Ides and Vapor online conversation from Chapter 1:

Vapor: You there, Ides?

The monitor blinks at me with his private message just for me.

“Yeah, I am, you slimy bastard.” I grin and type out a different reply though. Ides: What’s up? Invent anything today?

Vapor: Yep. Invented a way into your wet panties. Wanna come over and check it out, make sure it works correctly?

I bark a deep, biting laugh. “Uh, no. Not happening.” Ides: Sure. I’ll be right over . . .

Vapor: See, I knew you liked me.

Ides: Like is not an issue. It’s an issue of trust.

Vapor: You can trust me. Have I done anything to warrant anything else?

Ides: Yeah, you have.

Vapor: Such as?

Ides: You seem to know too much about me. How is that possible? No one knows who I am.

Vapor: Did my research, sweetheart. You’re all over the web, whether you know it or not. I know your signature when I see it, woman.

Ides: Right there—the fact you even know my gender is disconcerting.

Vapor: I’ve been tracking you down for months now. Do you know how hard it was to get into this elite hacker chat group? I swear they patted down my balls and made me turn my head and cough before they’d even let me in. Do they think I’ll hunt you down?

Ides: Would you?

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