Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Slick as Ides teaser 10

Nick and Jason conversation from Chapter 10:

“I’m surprised she hasn’t broken in here and taken back what you stole from her,” he says, continuing to tinker.

“She knows I wouldn’t keep it here, just like she wasn’t keeping it at her place.” I circle around him once more.

“Stop the fucking pacing. You’re making me nervous. Go get a beer or somethin’.”

“I can’t drink. She doesn’t do that shit. She wouldn’t want me to,” I say, gripping the edge of the table now instead of my body, still moving in on his space.

“The things you know about her without actually spending any time with her other than stealing her stuff and fucking her . . . Well, it’s disturbing.” He stretches his back for a moment.

I chuckle. “She’s probably watching me, too.”

“Don’t flatter yourself. A genius like her is not going to waste time using surveillance on your pathetic ass. She knows what you’re doing without watching.”

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