Thursday, September 12, 2013

Slick as Ides teaser 12

Vapor and Riot from Chapter 12:

“What the hell do you want?” A gun is pointed in my face and the door is wide open.

“I just wanna talk to her,” I say, out of breath, my hands up in the air.

“She doesn’t want to see you anymore. I’m here to protect her, and protect her I will. She’s locked up in her cave right now anyway and can’t be disturbed,” he says.

“Riot, c’mon, man. You know I won’t hurt her.” I breathe hard. Just being this much closer to her has me hard as hell.

“Yeah, you’ll just fuck her until she can’t think straight anymore. She’s been working feverishly since she’s locked you out. She’s been doing some of her best work ever,” he snarls.

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