Friday, September 13, 2013

Slick as Ides teaser 13

Vapor and Ides from Chapter 13:

“I swear to God, Ides, I’ve lost my patience . . .”

“Why? You had an orgasm. I thought you were supposed to roll over and go to sleep after,” I tease. “You’re breaking the rules in the man book. They put men in a whole new category when they do that.”

“When have I ever gone to sleep after? Holy fuck—you’d think you’ve never been in bed with me and my insatiable dick. That was the appetizer. Fuck, it was more like cocktails since you were in charge. I’m not even halfway done with you. Get your sexy ass out here now, and I promise I won’t lick it much.”

“Promise not to lick it at all, and I’ll come out.” My arms break out in chills as I continue to secure my prize away.

He wants to lick me . . . there?


Why do I love that even though it’s revolting

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