Friday, September 13, 2013

Slick as Ides teaser 14

Nick and Stephen conversation from Chapter 14:

When I pull up in Dad’s driveway, he exits the garage and glowers. “Helmet, Son. Is it so hard to follow the rules of safety?”

“Is it so hard to stop stealing her ideas and come up with your own shit, you patronizing son of a bitch?”

He chuckles, and I shove my hands in my pockets.

“Get off that fucking stupid bike and come inside. I wanna talk to you before the meeting,” he says, waving me in.

I turn the bike off, swing my leg around, set the kickstand down and follow him inside like an enormous, pitiful tool.

He opens the door to his office, and the second he breathes my direction and says her name, I’m flipping him off.

“Charming as always.” He smirks. “Please, set aside the trite angry white guy routine, and listen to me for a few seconds.”

“Why should I? You don’t give a shit that she’s my life.”

“Your life? You haven’t been following her around for the last week,” he says, leaning forward. “Seems to me you’re over her this time.”

“Been fucking busy,” I say through a tight jaw.

“Too busy you’re loafing around your house and sleeping all day? I’ve been over there several times. Either you’re so hammered you have to crash hard, or you’re avoiding something having to do with her. This isn’t normal for you. I’m worried about it,” he says, studying me.

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