Saturday, September 7, 2013

Slick as Ides teaser 2

Ides at a gas station from Chapter 2:

I try to calm my trembling fingers as I turn to the gas pump. A moment later, I’ve got the nozzle in place, and I push down the latch so I don’t have to keep touching the handle of it. The numbers whiz by as it fills up my car.
My head focuses on a project I’ve got back home—a new invention. As soon as I get into my office, I’ll be relaxed, and everything’ll be fine again. No Vapor in my head. No homeless guy hounding me. No gas fumes to breathe in or grocery store to make my blood blast through my heart at an alarming rate.
My eyes clench closed, and I take another tight breath, hoping it will soothe my addled brain. A few more minutes, then I can leave.
Next thing I know, my car is rocketing off, and out of the parking lot—the gas spraying out of the nozzle onto the asphalt.
I turn and scream, “You can’t do this!”

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