Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Slick as Ides teaser 22

Ides and Vapor from Chapter 22:

I can’t stand it. “C’mere. I need you in my arms.” I take a seat on the couch and pull her down into my lap. “I have no idea where you come up with all this stuff, but I love your take on things. It puts me in a very flattering light—one I’m afraid I don’t deserve.” I nuzzle my nose into her hair and take deep breaths.

“What don’t you get, that you think you don’t deserve it?”

“How in the hell did Riot get what he wanted?” I stroke down her back. “I’m glad you think that, since I know he’s your friend and you don’t want to hurt him, but I was anything but helpful to him.” Another deep whiff and my head buzzes with the scent of her.

“Do you know what he said to me after we left the court room?”

“No. I wanted to follow you, monitor you somehow, but I was dealing with my jerkoff of a father,” I answer.

“Riot said you did that all for me as a show.” She curls around my body, hangs onto my shoulders. “I slapped his face, and I left.”

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