Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Slick as Ides teaser 24

Two more days until Slick as Ides goes live! Can't believe it!

Ides and Vapor from Chapter 24:

“Only because you’re still an asshole and won’t let me clean up afterward. I suppose I should kiss your ass for allowing me to wear my dental floss, rainbow colored panties?” She flutters her eyelashes at me on purpose and then pinches my nipples. “I liked the condoms. It contains the mess better. It’s not like you gave it a real chance anyway. You only did it for a week.”

“A week of hell . . .”

She pinches my nipples harder this time.

“God, girl, I bruise like a peach—careful with my chest,” I joke, then pull her down to me, removing her hands off my chest.

“I really do bruise like a peach. Stop making fun of me.” She smiles with a devious look, bites my lower lip and sucks it into her mouth with a loud groan.

I quicken my thrusts and grip her ass, holding her down so I can control the speed and depth.

“Fuck, I love how tight you get when I hold you down like this. Do it, girl. Squirt.”

“No way.” She shakes her head.

I smack her ass. “Do it! I need it. Soak me.”


I smack her ass twice more. “Why not?”

“I told you why last night. I don’t want to do that in a hotel. I can’t stand the thought of some poor maid having to clean up what might be piss. You know they don’t have time to shampoo mattresses. It’s repulsive to think of someone else lying on this bed tonight.” She grimaces.

“Oh, those poor unsuspecting douchebags, lying in your come. Poor them. Boo fucking hoo.” I pretend to cry.

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