Thursday, September 19, 2013

Slick as Ides teaser 25

Tomorrow Slick as Ide's goes live! I'll share the link tomorrow!

Ides and Vapor from Chapter 25:

“You’re doing this to help me get over my fears, aren’t you?”

“Who me?” I smack my lips at her.

“Yes, you, asshole. Who else would I be talking about?”

She kisses me, holds me and I let go of her with a whine. “I wanted to fuck.”

“Yes, you’re breathing, so, yes, you want to fuck.” She stands up and straightens her black shirt. “Maybe I should change. The rest of the women presenting will probably be in skirts and heels and nice blouses.”

“The rest of them can eat shit, because they suck monkey balls compared to you. Wear what you’ve got on. I like it. It’s you, and you’re comfortable, so you’ll be able to relax better.” I pinch her ass.

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