Sunday, September 8, 2013

Slick as Ides teaser 4

Ides and Vapor conversation from Chapter 4:

“I don’t want your germs,” he says. “It’s hand sanitizer, since I’m definitely gonna have to touch you.”

A soft, pleading whimper chokes its way out of my chest. He’s messing with me. How does he know so much about me? “Please don’t.”

“Have no choice, now do I? You refused to talk to me,” he replies. “Seems to be a recurring pattern with you. I say something that makes you squirm a little, and you cut me off. That’s a fucking pattern I want to stop immediately.”

“I can make your life miserable if you do this. It’s not too late for you. Think about it. You can let me go and leave without a trace. I won’t report you,” I say, my voice breaking. “You already know I wasn’t going to turn you in for stealing my car.”

“Oh, I know you can destroy me if you want to. I’m all too aware of what you did to your dad.” He chuckles and his hand tickles up my leg.

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