Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Slick as Ides teaser 7

Ides and Riot phone conversation from Chapter 7:

“You haven’t had an episode in over two years.”

“And the last time I did was . . .” I trail off.

“Oh . . . I wasn’t thinking . . .”

“Yeah—my dad’s last lawsuit in court. The bailiff grabbed my arm when I started shouting, and he’d just licked his fingers after he ate a fucking sandwich. It was revolting.”

“Yeah, but you didn’t have to try and shove his nose up into his brain. That was overkill, hon.” He chuckles again.

“Whatever you want to call it—the man was a Neanderthal and probably uses his palm in place of toilet paper when he soils himself. I about died that day,” I say, my voice cracking at the end.

“I know. I had to carry you to your car.”

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