Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Slick as Ides teaser 9

Ides and Riot phone conversation from Chapter 9:

He’s on my roof.

I yawn, then call up Riot.

“What’s he doing now?” he answers the call. He sounds half-dead.

“He’s trying to break in, unsuccessfully.” My gut tightens at the thought of letting Nick in and what he might do to me when he’s this worked up into a frenzy. What sinfully delicious things he might do and document by filming. That man is kinky as hell.

My pussy swears that’s the case as well, as I change my underwear again.

Just having him prowling around out there is doing some fucked up things to me.

My breasts are painful, and my nipples are so tight and rubbing on my bra it’s maddening. Is there no relief?

“This isn’t a game,” he tells me.

“I know, but it is to him.”

He sighs. “He broke into my home today.”

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