Monday, October 21, 2013

ARC reviewers needed for Seducing Anne: SHROAG Novel 1

My scifi, historical erotica with BDSM, I was calling SHROAG 50, has since been renamed to Seducing Anne: A SHROAG Novel. It's the first book in this series of 3.

I'm looking for ARC reviewers. I'll be sending out ARC copies this Friday. If you like reading Tudor historical fictions, don't mind time travel with a Dom that has to seduce Anne Boleyn and impregnate her with Elizabeth I, then this might be the read for you.

Here's the summary, and a snippet, along with the usual warnings, so you can determine if you're interested in being an ARC reviewer:

Symptoms of time travel are never fun—ask Guy Moore. He just returned, and now he's being thrown back in time. His assignment? To impregnate Anne Boleyn. As an agent of SHROAG, he's completed more assignments than any other agent, and is ready to retire. Too bad Elizabeth I needs to be born to preserve history, and his DNA is the only one to do it. How will Guy seduce Anne, the woman who kept Henry VIII at arm's length for over seven years? And how will he keep from falling for her in his efforts?

“I will be there tonight—for you. Not for him. And I will touch you. If you do not want me to do that, then I will not be there,” Guy said.

She sucked in some air, and her gaze went up to the ceiling.

“Lavender lady—do you want me there? Do you want me to touch you in front of the King and everyone else?”

She remained mute and stoic.

“When you make a decision, find me. I will await your answer.” He dropped his grip, releasing her chin.

“Yes, Sir.”

“What was that? Are you saying I can touch you at dinner?”

“Yes, Sir,” she repeated.

His groin tightened. She really was sweet and very beautiful, and her submissiveness came to her naturally when she wasn’t struggling to fit herself into a man’s world.

“I will protect you. I will be there for you, and Henry will not touch you while I am around. If I am to play with you, then you are mine. No one else’s. I do not share, lady. So, when you are ready to take him as your lover, then you release me, and I will be gone from your life.”

She made a quiet whimpering noise and her eyes twisted as if in pain.

“Look at me—eyes on mine,” he said.

Her gaze roamed down to his.

“As your lord and Sir, you will always wear your hair down like this when you are around me. I want it soft, straight and virginal—pure like you. I want you always smelling of lavender and finding some way to please me each day, even if it is something small.”

She sagged for a moment. Were her knees buckling on her?

He gripped her by the upper arms. “Follow these guidelines, and I am at your disposal. Any time you need me, you ask, and I will be there.”

Her lips drifted into a small, but sweet, smile. “Thank you, Sir.”

“You are a naturally kind woman. Court life has hardened you—and I intend to undo that.”

Her face fell.

His hands on her arms loosened.

“That would be the death of me. We all have parts to play at court,” she said, her voice soft.

“And you have yours—serve and please me, and you will have everything you have ever desired. That I vow.”

CONTENT WARNING — This story contains scenes of an explicit erotic nature, and is intended for adults 18+. Story includes bondage and obscene language. There is also some violence with jousting and time travel that some might find disturbing. Characters portrayed are 18 years or older and of a sound mind.

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