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Are you a fan of the Tudors? Did you wish like I did that someone had been there to save Anne Boleyn? What if there had been? And what if that man was trained as an aggressive
Dominant and wasn't supposed to save her, only impregnate her with Queen Elizabeth I? What if he fell in love with her, and he decided to hell with his orders?

If you're like me--you devoured the Tudor's series on cable TV and never could get over Anne's premature death and you adore BDSM romance novels--then Seducing Anne: A SHROAG Novel, is the book for you.

I'm still taking more ARC reviewers, so if you'd like to be one of them, let me know. In the meantime, here's a teaser for Seducing Anne, so you let it simmer a while...

Excerpt from Chapter 7 with Guy and Anne in her holyday closet:

This was where she poured out her heart to God.
Exactly what Guy professed he wanted her to do to him. But how could she? If he knew what a sinner she was, what she wanted to do to that body of his, he would know she was unworthy of being at court at all.

Never mind the Chapel Royal. She went to confession yesterday, but she failed to mention she burned inside for this man, rather than her betrothed—His Majesty.

Guy set his palm across the alter, and she gasped, choking on her breath. The sight of his hand there made her nipples tighten and her breasts go heavy.

“Lord help me,” she whispered to herself, her eyelids going heavy.

“Come here, my precious flower. I want to inhale your scent while stitched bowers of lavender are overhead. It might be the closest I will ever get to Heaven.” Guy patted the alter.

Her knees almost buckled, but somehow her feet carried her forth.

“You intend to smell me?”

“Yes. And other things as well. But you do not need to know what I intend. I still want to know what Henry has said and done to you that has harmed my girl.” He lifted his hand that had been almost lovingly stroking her furniture of worship, and he crooked his index finger, beckoning her over to him.

Evidently she was moving too slowly for his liking.

She smiled, but her lips twitched with nerves, and her breathing went ragged at the hungry look he was giving her.

“Tell me, little lavender, what sins the King has to atone for. Confess to me—here and now.” He reached for her and set her against the alter, trapping her as he wrapped his thighs around hers.

“Only God can judge a person’s soul. I have neither the heart nor mind to determine what he has done to sin against his Maker.” She shrugged, then set her palms on his chest, focusing on the silver laces of his black velvet doublet.

“You smell too good to be true. My own personal angel with the scent of flowering fields.” He bent his head down and inhaled deeply at her neck.

For some reason she could not explain, her neck tipped back and she made this tiny gasping moan.

His fingers ghosted over her throat, even pinched a little, then he cupped the back of her head and brought her back so she was face-to-face with him. He rubbed the tip of his nose alongside hers.

“Tell me what he does that you dislike. No one else will hear. The music is playing in the chapel and wafting in through your window.” His eyes burned into hers.

“He says I am to gullible too believe you have good intentions. He yelled at me when I said you were neither a rake nor a fortune seeker. You have not once tried to advance your station, and after being here nearly two weeks, that is unheard of!” She slapped her palms on his chest.

“What else? He has done more than yell. Did he touch you?” His eyes narrowed, and he bared his teeth for a brief moment.

“Yes.” Her eyes drifted down to his laces below his Adam’s apple. She reached up and ran the back of her index finger knuckle across it, and then watched mesmerized a moment later. He wore stubble, which was not the fashion. She marveled at the masculine roughness of it and how it called out to her, taking her breath away. His throat bobbed, and she was struck immediately at how his Adam’s apple was more prominent than Harry’s and how Guy had some dark, seductive chest hair, peeking up through the slit of his collar.

It made her dry mouth decide to water.

Why was she so transfixed by this dark Vulcan before her? Must he be so beautiful and enticing—like a dark promise of erotic delights?

Her breath caught in her throat when he growled at her touch.

She jerked her hand off his neck.

“Place your hands on my chest,” he said.

“Yes, Sir.” She placed them both flat as he asked.

“How did he touch you after you argued?”

“H-he . . .” Her voice shook, and her cheeks heated. “I . . . cannot speak of such private matters.”

“Little one, it is Guy before you. No one else will hear. Tell me. I need to know.” He dropped a kiss to her forehead.

“He touched my duckies,” she said, cringing. Guy disliked that word, and she could understand why. It was very childish and crude-sounding.


“My lord?” Her eyes shot to his as she questioned his meaning. Surely he did not expect her to recount the sordid event in detail?

“Show me how he did it. I must have the facts.” He blinked with a stern set to his brow, but his eyes were soft and full of sympathy.

*fans self and reaches for glass of ice water*

Now, how about some visuals to go along from the series?

And just wait... The cover to Seducing Anne will blow you away. It's very sensual and speaks straight to the heart of what Guy's new mission became--to have and save her at all costs!

Publish date for Seducing Anne is November 22nd. ARCs go out next week, and the cover reveal will happen very soon as well... Can't wait!

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