Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Seducing Anne Teaser 7

Guy and Anne in chapter 11:

“You please me. By God—how you please me so much I want to fuck you right here in front of that blonde lump of a bore.”
“She may learn something.” She giggled and glanced over his shoulder at Jane, watching them.

Well, watching Moore, not Anne.

“Why does that image incite me to dangerous levels of lust? I am spellbound by the thought of it.” She licked across her bottom lip at the inner seam.

“It excites you because it would be me doing the taking, you doing the offering and her seeing what a real woman is made of when a real man is taking what is his God-given right. Christ, I love you. I want to drench you in kisses and my come.”

“Go now before I flush redder than my crimson dress you complimented me on so long ago.”

He sniffed at her hair. “Fuck—you torture me by smelling so delectable. Wear the red dress tonight, but do not expect it to survive my savage hands. You have had time for your tissues to repair—that means I fuck you hard tonight, and you do not get a light petting.”

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