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Harkham's Case and Harkham's Choice on sale this weekend

To celebrate the release of Harkham's Corner, Harkham's Case is free this weekend from today, December 13th through December 15th.

Harkham's Case:

In addition, Harkham's Choice is on sale for $.99 for today and tomorrow.

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Harkham's Corner live!

Yay! Harkham's Corner, the third and final installment in the Harkham's series is now live and available through Here's the link:

So excited to share the final book with my readers. Thank you all for your patience!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

ARCs for Harkham's Corner are going out now!

Better late than never, or so that's what Adam says... I had meant to get these ARCs out much sooner, but such is life. It's ready now, and being shipped to you, my lovely readers. Thank you for your patience. I'm seeing a new Daddy Dom, finishing up school this week and dealing with the holidays, so that tends to slow a gal down.

Tell your friends about this series if you enjoy it. It makes a nice gift!

Thanks again!


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Harkham's Corner update

Harkham's Corner was supposed to be published today. Obviously, that did not happen. It's not quite ready. I figured I'd have more time to finish with the edits and proofing, but just wasn't able to get it done. So sorry to push back the publishing date once more. I'm looking at December 13th for it to go live.

Those darn holidays just have a way of eating up time... :D

Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Light in the Window -- a short story

As some of you are aware, I'm in school taking some online classes. One of them is a creative writing course. I just wrote this short piece for a grade, and thought maybe some of my readers who enjoy my historical fiction stuff with Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn might enjoy this. I'm considering turning it into a fan fiction if there's any interest.

It's a little well known fact that Anne actually did seal her fate by making jokes about Henry behind his back and showing off his undergarments, mocking him. This took place right before she was seized and locked away. She gave him little choice. This was treasonous and punishable by death, not to mention enough to break his heart into a thousand pieces since he'd just put on some weight after his leg had been crushed in that jousting accident and his fully armored horse rolled over onto his leg, supposedly causing Anne Boleyn to miscarry their son...

Enjoy this little piece I created, hoping to get a decent grade. Hope you like it!

A Light in the Window

The light in the doorway called to him, but Henry refused to go in. It was his right to do so, but he sat stoic.
“Sire, she is speaking ill of you. I insist, you must see for yourself, since you have refused to believe me thus far,” Thomas Cromwell said, leaning toward him.
Henry swallowed down the bile at the back of his throat. His heart constricted violently. “She is having a party, and I shall allow it. She needs a moment of happiness to herself.” He went back to looking over the newest peace treaty proposal with France. His head pounded, and his fingers shook as he heard the merry music coming from his wife’s chambers.
“It is to your own detriment that you do not stop her. Her tongue has run away with her like a charger on the lists. She brings you shame.” Cromwell stood straight and looked down on the king.
“As my adviser, it is your job to stick to matters I assign you. My wife’s private moments with friends are not your affair.” Henry flipped his wrist and shooed him out.
He could not take much more of this constant assault on his wife’s character. Anne was a wonderful woman. The best he had ever known, even if she had taken to ignoring him as of late.
She never believed him when he denied the rumors of his taking on a mistress, and Jane Seymour, her new lady in waiting, was constantly watching him, making it seem as if they were indeed sinning together behind closed doors.
He leaned back in his chair and heard something fall in Anne’s chambers. It sounded heavy.
His wife screamed, “Ahhhhh!”
In a moment, he was out of his chair and running as fast as he could with his hobbled leg that had been crushed by his charger not long ago when he was at the tilts.
“Dammit! Faster!” he told himself.
He could never move fast enough. He could never be there for her. He could never please her.
He was never enough for her, and his heart twisted over it.
It was his fault she miscarried his son. His son he needed as heir for his kingdom.
Henry crashed through the door, only to find Anne laughing, holding up his large underwear for all in attendance to see.
Her brother, George, was on the floor and had evidently fallen down due to his drunken state and roaring laughter.
“What is the meaning of this?” Henry’s jaw tightened and his heart shrunk until he could feel it no longer.
“Nothing, Your Grace,” Anne said, stuffing his underclothing beneath her skirts, smirking.
“This is treason. You know this, Anne.” He placed his hand over where his heart had once been. His hands were icy, and his vision almost blurred. If anyone found out about this, she could be put to trial.
“This is truth!” She rose to standing, facing him. “You whore around this country trying to make illegitimate children with every woman that passes you by, while I wait for you to come to my bed!” She strode over and pointed in his face. “It is your fault I am not increasing!” Her other hand landed on her belly.
“I . . . Please.” He took forward. “Anne . . . Stop this at once.” His voice trailed off. She blamed him for all her woes. It was not his fault. She scorned his advances each morning and night at the dining table. He tried to kiss her, say some words of affection, but she looked the other way as if he was viler than any creature she had ever known. “You misunderstand. I love no one but you. I fought for seven years to have you—took on the church, and all for you!”
“You cannot blame me that the church was corrupt and needed reformation. I only helped you see what was broken.” Her eyes turned to slits and her lips pursed. A moment later, her nostrils flared at him as she huffed. She turned away from him and staggered back to her seat.
She was drunker than her brother.
He slumped in his spot and sighed. “I will help you to bed.”
“Too late! I do not require you to warm it.” She cocked her head at him.
“Take care, my lady . . . There are eyes all over the castle, and what you think is not seen is.” Henry marched over to her, picked her up by the upper arms and dragged her through her outer chambers to her bedchamber.
“Tonight there are no excuses! You lie with me and no other!” He shut the thick door with his foot.
“I do not stray—that is you!” She swung her hand at him, but missed and fell over in the process.
He caught her before she fell to the floor.
Instead of slapping her to wake her from this drunken stupor, he held her bound to his chest with his thick arms.
“Will you stop listening to idle tongues? I adore you and no other!”
She struggled to break free, so instead he pinned her against the wall and kissed her until she went breathless. If she would not listen, then she would feel his ardor. His hands dug into her hips, and she clawed at his clothing, trying to remove it.
“Why do you not love me anymore?” she asked when he broke away from the kiss.
“I do. So much, darling. I want you.” He pulled at the laces on her left sleeve to undo it.
“You do not listen to me anymore. I try to tell you about monasteries and how they are corrupt and hurting your people, but you turn away from me. You used to listen to me about architecture and music and—”
He covered her mouth with his hand, letting her sleeve slide off her shoulder. “Shhhhh. Listen to me and hear this—I cannot do everything you say. I cannot always act as if your word is law. I hear you, wife—I do. But if I am to maintain some semblance of respect from my advisers and council, I have to stand firm. They have to know I rule supreme, not my wife.”
She nodded, but barely.
He lifted her skirts with his other hand and tickled his fingers up her right inner thigh. “Tonight you conceive, and there will be no more of these disgraceful parties with the likes of Mark Smeaton or Thomas Wyatt or your brother. Do you hear me? They are in lust with you, all except your brother, and they encourage you to act like a lady less well born than a queen. You are mine. And you are to act with propriety like you used to.”
She bit his hand, but instead of him taking offense to it, he took hold of her and picked her up, placing her on the bed. He ripped both her sleeves off her dress and then stopped, towering over her, breathing hard.
“Get undressed. Now.”
Her eyes went heavy, and her chest rose as she took a ragged breath. “You mean to give me a son?”
“I do. I mean to remind you who you belong to in the process. Now, you will get naked and you will spread out for me so I can do what a king must.”
She lifted her skirts, scooted back on the bed and unpinned her hair. It flew down around her shoulders and trailed behind her on the flocked filled mattress covered by a vibrant purple counterpane.
Most likely their wet desire would ruin it, since it was made of the finest French silk, but he cared not.
He would buy her a thousand counterpanes to replace this one if she would only submit to him and mind her tongue in court.
She slowly peeled away the rest of her clothing and watched him as he removed his.
He had put on some weight over the last few months, but it was because his leg was still mending. When it was whole again, he could go back to hunting, wresting, tennis and jousting. He could be the charming young prince he once was . . . The man who won her over a decade ago.
Henry hefted himself up onto the bed and straddled his wife.
“It is lent still. We break God’s laws by you bedding me,” she said, grinning with a dark look in her eyes. She reached for him and spread her legs wide.
“I care not about those rules. God did not mean for a king to keep from procreating because of lent. Those are men’s laws!” He growled and lunged forward, taking what was his—penetrating through her body and hopefully her mind.
She would remember he was the reason her whole world existed.
“You are a wicked man,” she said, arching into him, grinning.
“Only when I am with you.”

Three weeks passed since he took her, and still no word of conception.
Henry paced in his privy chamber, his neck and chest heating to an unbearable degree.
Still, more rumors of how she made jokes at his expense when in her private chambers with that same foul company he had demanded she stay away from.
“She thinks I do not listen to her!” He clucked his tongue. “When she is the one ignoring my council!”
Cromwell sat silent, only watching him move to and fro like a piece of chaff caught in conflicting winds.
Henry’s leg ached, and he paused every few moments to massage it.
“Sire, is it infected again?” Cromwell stood.
“No, no. It is fine. Only slept on it wrong.” Henry dare not tell him he twisted it funny when making love to Anne three weeks ago and it had continuously flared up since then.
“I am glad to hear you are well.” Cromwell nodded and backed up as Henry approached him.
“What am I to do with her?” the King asked.
Cromwell’s lips parted as if to say something, but then he closed them abruptly when a hysterical Anne burst into the room crying.
“You liar!” She crossed the room to Cromwell and slapped his face. “You mean to besmirch my character? I am the Queen of England!”
Henry took her by the arm and sat her in his chair. His lungs burned as he held his breath to keep from bellowing in her face that if she was the Queen of England, then she better act like it!
“Anne, compose yourself.” Henry kept a hand on her shoulder to keep her seated.
“I do nothing but report the facts, madame.” Cromwell bowed.
“You twist the facts into whatever you like to gain power.” She looked up at Henry. “Please, you cannot believe a word he says about me. It is nothing but false accusations.”
Henry petted her long, dark hair. His eyes filled with tears. How many times had he stroked his hands through her shiny, satin locks like this? Why could she not be docile and allow him to adore her like he used to?
“Henry!” She gripped his hand, breaking him out of his trance.
“I have missed my wife, but reports reach me that she does not feel the same,” Henry whispered.
He leaned over and kissed her forehead, then sighed, his shoulders and soul sinking to the floor.
“You cannot mean . . .” Her face paled, and she shrank from his touch. “You cannot! What of Elizabeth, our daughter?”
“You have sealed your own fate.” Henry pointed at the evidence in the corner—testimonies of the crass jokes she made about him being a poor lover in bed. More proof of her infidelities with Smeaton and Wyatt. Other articles of his personal underclothing had all been found in her chambers after her parties took place.
“I can only turn a blind eye for so long.” Henry released her and shuffled away toward the table, fingering her necklace she used to wear that had the B on it with droplet pearls beneath it.
She had twisted it up on his sleeping shorts, signifying she owned him, not the other way around.
He could only tolerate so much. His heart could not take this onslaught of defiance and insult. He had a kingdom to run, and no matter how much he loved her he had to protect his people. If they did not support their king, there might be another hundred years war that his predecessors had made sure to end.
“It is that whore, Jane Seymour, is it not? You bed her, and now you mean to throw me out of my chambers to put her there in my stead.” She pushed off the table, knocking the chair out from under her as she stood. “I will not allow it! I am Queen, not her!” Anne tripped as she came flying at Henry and fell straight on her face.
When he rushed to her to help her up, she swatted his hands off her.
“Do not touch me ever again!” She moved to her knees, then stood on her own accord.
Her lower lip was busted open and blood oozed down her chin.
“My lady, you are bleeding!” Henry tore at his cuffs to break a piece off and staunch the flow, but she shoved him away from her, knocking him back into the table.
“I will make sure everyone knows what a wretched king and awful husband you are! There is no one who takes wanton lusty women into his bedroom at the alarming rate you do! Bastard!” She spit in his direction.
Cromwell lunged at her and dragged her out of the room.
Henry bent his head back and howled in agony, his heart thundering in his chest. “Annnnnne!”

Execution day emerged—the trial had been swift. There was no way to convince anyone she was worth saving. The incest charges were false of course, but Henry could do nothing to keep those from being brought to court.
Henry glared at Cromwell. “You were supposed to save her!”
“I could only do so much inside the laws. Justice had to be served. She was found treasonous.” Cromwell swallowed and stood far back.
Henry’s limbs were heavy, and he could barely move over these last few weeks while his wife was incarcerated in the Tower of London. His hands were cold and clammy, and sweat trickled down his back. It did not matter how many layers of clothing he took off—he was always sweating and then breaking out in chills. His gut pinched tighter than his nerves, too. He fell apart night and day whenever left alone.
Tears were his constant companion, rather than his wife.
He roamed over to the window and placed a hand on the pane.
“Make sure the swordsman does his job well.” Henry motioned his head toward the table and got choked up. “Extra gold if he takes her head off with one swing. I do not want her to feel any pain at all.”
Cromwell nodded. “Yes, Sire. He is well trained—the best France has to offer.”
“She has but a little neck,” Henry said, smiling through his tears. Her joke—not his. He always loved how she cooed when he kissed down her neck and put his hands in her hair.
“She does that, Your Grace.” Cromwell bowed and took the bag of money.
“You are certain she is not with child?” Henry bit his bottom lip. It quivered and gave away his most urgent desire to save her if at all possible.
“No, Your Grace. She could not possibly be. It has been more than a full cycle of the moon since you last lay with her.” Cromwell stood in place, face devoid of expression, legs steady.
“I should go to her. Say something to her . . .” Henry moved away from the window.
“You cannot. You have already said—”
“I know what I said!” Henry shouted, spit flying in Cromwell’s direction.
“Apologies, Sire.” Cromwell bowed and kept his eyes downcast.
“She is a witch. She bewitched me from the start.” Henry’s heart screamed at him this was false, that she was lovely and fair, but that jealousy had changed her. She had become too ambitious and hardened her heart against him.
“She is that, yes.” Cromwell shook the bag of coins for a second.
Henry’s gaze fell on the bag, and he scowled. “Is this to be what I am remembered for? Two failed marriages, no son and a life of misery with a bad leg?”
Cromwell only blinked in response.
“Tell me what will history say about Henry VIII? Will they say Hal is a legend because he purged the church of its corruption? Will they say he joined his lands together in peace and brought them harmony at his own expense?”
Cromwell rose a hand and shook his head as if it to say history would be nothing but generous in regard to this king.
“I tell you this—they will blame me for all of it.” Henry’s hand slapped the wall. “They will say I am a monster because my wife had to die!” He pointed at his chest and wheezed. “It will say I am soulless and had my way with many women, when I am pious and pray several times a day, pleading for God to save my people by giving me a son so my country does not fall into ruin when I am gone!”
“What does it matter what history says? You know the truth in your heart. Your soul will be spotless before God.” Cromwell’s brow wrinkled.
“Will it?” Henry snorted. “No. I daresay it will not. I failed to save her. She is lost to me, and the facts will be, too.”
Henry limped to his bedchamber. She would be dead within the hour, and that meant his heart would be, too. There would be no light in the doorway to call to him.

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Harkham's Corner news

The good news is Harkham's Corner pre-reader copies are going out today and tomorrow. My editor will be receiving it today as well.

The bad news is real life has swamped me, so I had to push back the release date until November 22nd.

I apologize for those of you waiting for the final book to come out, but it simply couldn't be helped. Now that I'm working, in school and am still seeing my beautiful Daddy Dom, my free time is next to nothing.

The fan fic version will be coming down this weekend...

Thanks for your patience. I've changed the publish date on Goodreads to reflect this update.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

computer issues and other news...

I'm sure some of you are wondering where Harkham's Corner is, why the ARCs haven't gone out and why the fan fic version is still up and available...

Well, I've had constant internet issues at my house and my laptop decided to stop charging and is dead. I've ordered the replacement part, and for some reason the dang post office didn't deliver it and I have to get get it from them, but I simply haven't had time to get down there since I've been working so much and have about a thousand things going on in my life.

I'll be pushing things back about a month for Harkham's Corner's release. I apologize to those of you who are waiting patiently for it. I'll get it out as soon as I can...

On a plus side, I'm seeing a new Daddy Dom and he is the most loving, amazing man I've ever met, not to mention he blows mind when we're playing together. He's too yummy for words. Everything I could ask for in a play partner. I can't even express how intense and beautiful our relationship is. I'm beyond excited to see where things go with him. I've never felt so connected to a Dom before. He put me into a mild subspace last night and it still has me breathless today. He's the first one to do that in person (I've gone into subspace over the phone before several times with a previous Daddy of mine, but never when I was physically together with a Dom). He keeps me stirred up constantly, and it makes concentrating a little difficult times, but don't worry--you'll have Harkham's Corner soon enough.

Much love,

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Harkham's Choice is live! Harkham's Case on sale!

It's finally here! Harkham's Choice is now available for purchase on Amazon!

Pick up a copy today, and while you're at it, Harkham's Case will be on sale from September 17th, until the 20th, for $.99! Tell anyone you know that the first book in the series has a great deal going on this week to celebrate the release of the sequel.

Link for Harkham's Choice:

Link for Harkham's Case:

Thank you everyone for helping to spread the word about Adam and his lovely world!



Harkham's Corner cover reveal!

Here it is, the book cover for the final book in the Harkham's series.

I can't believe all three will be published within a matter of weeks. So exciting!

Here's the summary for the final installment:

Adam Latham has the dream life he always wanted. The beautiful, caring wife, cute kid and a nearly complete college education, leading to a promising career. He even owns a house with a garage and a car he can get kinky in with his wife.
Only things aren’t as fabulous as they should be… There’s a client at his dad’s office where Adam works, flirting with him and causing him a lot of anxiety. She’s younger than he is, but she won’t seem to stop making advances, even making him feel crazy at times when she insinuates that the two of them have been intimately involved before.
Adam would never be with this woman. He’s the faithful, dutiful, husband, trying to provide for his family as he prepares to graduate and become a doctor, just like his stepfather, Dustin Latham—Adam’s hero.
So why won’t she go away and stop insisting there’s a past between them? And why does his music keep bothering him? Why, most of all, does he keep composing songs in his head at the drop of an instant and find almost immediate success when his biological father, Thomas Matthews, a former gifted musician and singer, posts those songs on YouTube?
The numbers have shifted into music—invading Adam’s mind, and making it almost impossible to focus on the immediate tasks at hand. But he can’t be mad at the notes. Music is his salvation, and it’s his wife’s, too. But how can he trust it to be his sole source of income or to prove that he’s an intelligent, capable, mature man?
He can’t. He won’t. He’ll be the responsible adult his biological father never was, and he’ll prove he can be a doctor, with Dr. Harkham’s help, and find his own way out of the corner he’s been placed in his entire life—the corner that exists by caging him in with rules and boundaries that make his life almost unbearable and hard to understand.

*I'll be posting teasers very soon for this book!*

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Harkham's Corner the fan fiction version is now completed

The fan fic version of Harkham's Corner is now completed. It'll stay up for 2 weeks and then be taken down on September 21st to be published a few weeks after that. Copy it while you can and enjoy! The published version will have 5 more scenes added along with more medical information added in about Edward's medical condition. Thanks so much for all the reviews and love!!!

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Harkham's Choice cover reveal!

I love, love, LOVE this book cover! It's the essence of who Adam and Mari are.

Mayhem Cover Creations did a fabulous job once again!

Summary for Harkham's Choice:

Adam Latham knows one thing, and one thing only—he simply has to have Marissa Cole as his own. Not as his school mate, or his girlfriend who lives in his family’s house with him. Her. He needs her to be his wife, and he’ll find a way to make that happen, whether or not his medical condition as Harkham’s unresolved case has improved.
His overwhelming need for Mari’s touch continues unabated. Even as her life grows more complicated—dealing with her father’s issues in another state—Adam becomes more determined that they’ll have a life together after they graduate high school in a few short months.
What will he do when he finds out exactly what past abuse Mari’s suffered? How will he handle it when she falls apart in front of his very eyes? He can only hope to contain the numbers that try to consume him and the violet anxiety attacks that follow, on his own.
How will he deal with his unsupportive family members that rally against his relationship with this damaged girl? Is Dr. Harkham the answer to his questions?
Only Adam knows what it means to live with an undefined disability. Until he finds the key that unlocks the secrets to his past mysteries, will he be able to move on and live a full and happy life with his Mari. 

*If you want to be an ARC reviewer, I'm still taking more of them....*

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Harkham's Choice cover reveal and ARCs

Tomorrow is the cover reveal for Harkham's Choice, and I'll also be sending out ARCs. If you're not on the list as an ARC reviewer and want to be, just send me a message...

Can't wait to show you this cover. It's my absolute favorite out of the three books. It blows me away at how perfectly it captures Adam and Mari! :D

Free books and discounts

To celebrate the release of Harkham's Case, I've put up all my other books on discount or made them free from Monday, August 18th, to August 20th.

Here's how I set it up:

Sleeves: $.99

Knots: Free!

Pearl on Cherry: Free!

Slick as Ides: $.99

Seducing Anne: $.99

Share the news, and feel free to take advantage of these great deals. I'll be switching it up in a month when Harkham's Choice is released and making the books that were discounted, free, and the free ones discounted.

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Harkham's Case is now live!

It's finally here...

Harkham's Case is now live.

ARCs will go out in a few days for Harkham's Choice, book 2 in the series. If you're interested in being an ARC reviewer, send me a message.

Cover reveal for Harkham's Choice coming soon...

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Harkham's Case--published tomorrow! Final teaser!

Here it is. The final teaser--a lengthier one of a previous teaser I already shared--to get us all ready for Adam's story... He's just so damn lovable!!!

Adam circled around to the back of the Jeep, and there Mari was. And oh Gawwwwd! She was sweater-less, all tank-topness, and round in good places.
He sidled up to her, ignoring the smell of the smoke. His hips were polite and angled away from her, since he was sore already.
“Friends offer a ride home,” he hinted.
“Friends also tell the fat girl to stop smoking—it’s not going to help with her problems.” She chuckled, but it was low and dark sounding as the corner of her lips poked up. Her shoulders slumped.
“It’s not my job to tell you what to put in your body. I hope you’ll tell me to eat as much junk food at school as I can and to drink soda when nobody’s looking, because friends want each other to be happy. Those things make me happy. And donuts. I love donuts, but those are strictly forbidden. Why can’t I have a goddamn donut? The Boston creamy kind? Those are like a heart of goodness in the middle.” His own creamy heart raced and pounded in his ears. Man, was his breathing erratic and fierce. It was wonderful to tell her these deep dark secrets he hid from people and to curse, too.
“Donuts are pretty awesome. I love a good Boston cream, too. Come on. I’ll give you a lift, and you can tell me what else makes you happy.” She stubbed out her cigarette on the asphalt and then grabbed his hand.
He pulled on hers to stop her. His heart squeezed so tight his knees nearly buckled. “You . . . You make me so happy—happier than any beverage or sugary dessert. Because you keep me safe. You’re the reason the numbers stay away, and the reason I know I can do this. I can finally graduate this time.”
Her face remained steady and calm.
Not what he expected. He expected a look of disgust there.
She took his hand and placed it over her heart. He backed up, because the soreness was beyond bad right now, and the pressure was like nothing he’d ever experienced before.
“You can do this because you’re special. You can do this because you’re amazing. It has nothing to do with me or your family. You can do this because you want it and there’s a fire inside of you that won’t let you quit. That’s what I adore about you. That’s who I wish I was. Not a quitter, or somebody that tries to cheat and take the easy way out.” She dropped his hand, but then out of nowhere, leaned in and kissed the corner of his mouth. “Sorry for the smoke smell. I hope nobody can detect it on you.” She rubbed the spot with the pad of her thumb where she’d just kissed him while cupping his jaw.
His legs instinctively carried him closer to her. And holy Jesus, that soreness doubled, but now it pulsed and his hips jutted forward. He smiled down at her but his eyelids were half closed and went heavy. It was in direct contrast to the rest of his body—more alert than ever, even if he was moving kind of sluggish. It felt similar to when the dentist drugged him up once and his response times were hampered.
“Mari . . .”
“Hmm?” She looked over her shoulder, then back at him.
“If you kiss me, I won’t tell anybody, and nobody will know. Most of the students are gone. And I think . . . I think it will make you feel better, since you kind of have some sadness in your eyes.” His right leg shook. This was a lie. He never lied. That was unjust. But he needed this more than any hand holding—more than a donut or soda. He’d fold in half and die if she refused. Now his other leg shook. “Please . . .”
“No tongue though, okay?” The right half of her lips quirked up and there was some playfulness in her eyes.
The joy inside him was pounding its way into that sore spot but also doubling his heart-rate as well.
“One, fat, sloppy kiss coming up,” she said.
“Sloppy? But I—” His heart sunk as it continued to speed up.
There was no time for rebuttals, because her lips were on his, but it was unsatisfying because she refrained from touching him anywhere else.
With one big step, he was smooshed up against her. He wrapped his arms around her and squeezed her even closer.
This was much better than a handshake. Was this why his mom and dad used to hug and kiss each other all the time? This reflected those odd, unnameable feelings he had when Zach showed him that video with naked people in it. They all made sounds.
Oh no. He was making those sounds right now, and his hips were moving.
His hips were in control, not the numbers.
In his next breath, he had her up against the back of her Jeep. He pinned her with his entire body. But she hugged him back, so did this mean it was all okay?
He broke the kiss. Talking was necessary.
“It hurts, Mari. It’s really, really sore. It’s sore, and I know what I’m supposed to do to end it, but I can’t do that in front of you, and I don’t think I’ll make it ‘til I get home. Can you help me?”
“Sore here?” She placed her hand over his heart and smiled.
Was she teasing him?
“Please. It really hurts,” he begged, placing his forehead against hers and rubbing their heads together since he couldn’t rub her in the places he really wanted to.
He moved his hips up once more so she could feel where he was sore.
It twitched in his pants. She had to know.
Anyone else who saw him would know. They might even point and be disgusted with him.
“Being a teenager always hurts. It’s something you’ll get used to,” she said, then the sadness in her eyes was back.
But he wasn’t a teenager. Hadn’t been in a few years. Unlike Tara, he was old enough to consume alcohol, but chose not to.
Mari frowned.
“What’s wrong? Oh no!” He jumped back. He was hurting her. He was too strong for her frame to handle, and he forgot to be careful about harming her. Using his body weight was wrong. That’s how he hurt his mom before, and she wound up leaving because of it.
“I’m sorry. I’m soooo sorry. I . . . I’m heavy, and strong, and that was wrong. Don’t . . . I won’t do it again.” He wrapped his arms around his torso, refused to look at her and dropped into a crouch.
She dropped down with him and patted his back. “There’s nothing to be sorry for. I’m the one that should apologize. I lost my head for a minute. It’s not fair of me to let things get out of hand like that. It’s just that you’re so . . . God! This is unfair.” She huffed, and the faint trace of smoke was residual in the air.
It made his heart tingle, because it was Mari. She was the only smoker he knew.
It meant she was special.
He tilted his chin up toward her, but kept his gaze down at her feet.
“I don’t know what you mean, but I have to know—are you mad at me?” The thought made his heart clench, and he released a whimpering groan.
“Why would I be mad at you? You asked me to kiss you, and I made a choice. It’s not like you tried to molest me against my will. Oh wait . . . That was me.” She chuckled for a second, then stopped. “Oh, never mind me and my warped sense of humor. I’ll take you home. And you can decide if we hold hands or not, okay?
He looked up, and there was sincerity in her warm gray eyes. They were like the unfamiliar desert here. Nobody ever looked at him like that—like he mattered and was worth really knowing well.
“I like you.”
“You’ve mentioned that before, but it’s good you like to be thorough and repeat important information.” She patted his back again and then stood up. She extended her hand, but then a second later changed her mind and put it at her side.
He grimaced. “Do you still like me?”
“I only kiss people I like, and I kissed you, didn’t I?”
“You did. You kissed me real good. It was better than a donut.” He stood up next to her. “But it made me more sore.”
She laughed, tipped her head back and shut her eyes. “Oh, God, Adam, what am I going to do about us? We both need some serious help.”

“You’re going to hold my hand more and kiss me again. That’s what you’re going to do about us, because that’ll make everything better. I swear.” He crossed his heart.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Harkham's Case Teaser #12

Wow! I can't believe it. Harkham's Case is almost here. Two more days! Can't believe it! This is the last of the normal teasers, but tomorrow, one final large blurb...

Adam's ready to share his world with you. Are you ready to join him?

Teaser 12: From chapter 23, Harkham’s Case (Mari and Adam’s conversation)

“So, not getting some is called a margin of error. I see.” Mari nodded along like she was on to something here.
“Yeah. What would you call it?”
“Oh, I don’t know—life maybe?” Her lips pulled up to the right and she shrugged that accompanying shoulder.
“Not life. No. It’s death. Because I about die when I can’t be intimate with you. Please, Mari. Be mine in every way. Stop making things so difficult for us.” Adam’s hands slid down the steering wheel to the bottom of it.
“I’m not doing anything. I’m only trying to keep the peace with your family. They love you, and they care about your future. For some stupid-ass reason, they seem to sorta care about mine, too. I don’t wanna mess that up because I’m horny as hell and too lame to make the right decisions.” Her voice went hoarse. “They’re important to you, so they’re important to me. If I don’t treat them right, then I can’t really call myself a good girlfriend, or a good anything, can I?”
“Yes, you can. You’re always good. And sometimes I don’t like that. Makes me feel inferior.”
“Okay, fine. To you, I’m perfect somehow.”
“You are.” He leaned toward her and stole a quick kiss.
She hummed. How did he do this? He was so goddamned charming and intelligent, it was hard to see anything but his logic on these matters.

“Tonight you’ll spread your legs in the bed. I’ll crawl on top of you and put my dick inside you—where it wants to be. We’ll be in a hotel room, so if it’s really messy for my first time, no one’s going to know.” He gave her a look like she had to know this was a sound plan.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Harkham's Case Teaser #11

Most people have mixed feelings about Dustin Latham, Adam's stepfather. I'll let you judge for yourself...

Teaser 11: From chapter 21, Harkham’s Case (Dustin, Samara, Mari and Adam’s conversation)

“I heard and saw exactly what you did. Mari’s not just some guest here you can treat like trash. She’s living with us now as a part of the family because Adam says she is.” His dad pointed to the stairway down the hall.
Samara huffed and turned off the stove. “She barges right in here and acts like she’s the authority on everything there is to know about his condition and how our family handles it. What right does she have to—”
“I talked to Dr. Harkham today, and she said Mari’s done more for him than any of the rest of us ever have or could, and I believe her.” He moved through the kitchen with grace and stood right in front of her, looming by a foot in height. “I’m getting out of their way—you should, too.”
“But, Dad, she has no idea what it’s like to deal with him in the long term,” Samara said.
He turned his head over his shoulder and with sharp eyes on Mari asked, “Do you think you could finish up this meal?”
Adam stood straight up and answered for her, “We both can.” He beamed at his father.
“Fine. I trust you both. Mari—if you’re unsteady right now, maybe you should sit and direct him. I’m sure he’d be happy to get dinner done. I’m gonna go have a chat with my daughter . . .” Dustin grabbed Samara behind the elbow and led her out of the room.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Harkham's Case Teaser #10

Teaser 10: From chapter 19, Harkham’s Case (Mari and Adam’s conversation)

A river of guilt swept through Mari, softening her spine. She gulped and strained her neck away from him so he wouldn’t see the amount of self-control she was using to keep from taking away his innocence.
“Oh, please touch it a lot more,” Adam begged, his voice breaking as he began to thrust harder into her hand.
He put one of his hands over hers, coaxing her to move faster, hold tighter. With his other hand, he was pulling his shorts down.
She pulled her hand away. “I can’t do that to you.” She tried to stop him from undressing the rest of the way.
It was scary how badly she wanted to yank them down the rest of the way for him, so she had to keep her eyes elsewhere.
“I . . . Why’s this wrong? I love you, and you said you love me, too. It feels right,” he said, voice husky and deep, yet with a urgent edge to it. “Please—you need to help me.”
She placed her palms on his chest. It was a little damp. Christ almighty, he was really worked-up.
“How many things have I done wrong in my life?” she asked.
“But this one’s good,” he said, excusing what he wanted to do. A little whine escaped him as he continued to rub himself on her.
“I know it feels good, but until we can fully commit and your family is there to witness it, I can’t do this to you.” She kissed him to temper the blow. “I’m sorry . . . Please, don’t see it as a rejection. I want you more than you could possibly know.”
“Well, how long ‘til you’ll marry me, because I don’t think I can wait any longer. Can you marry me tomorrow?”

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Harkham's Case Teaser #9

Darn that Adam for just being so adorable and insightful. It's sickening, really. He's just too much sometimes...

Teaser 9: From chapter 17, Harkham’s Case (Mari and Adam’s conversation)

“You know that’s not true. You’re not evil, Mari. The only thing that is different here is that I had one caring parent that sheltered me to keep me more child-like, and you didn’t. And do you think that’s benefited me? I’m twenty-one and I’ve just barely figured out the mere basics of human sexuality. Is that a good thing? I was about ready to molest you on this plane because I’ve been so deprived and am so goddamn ready to split my way through my pants to get at you.”
She blinked and stayed silent.
“No, it’s not okay. So, don’t go saying we’re opposites, because we’re not. We need each other. We both need and want constant touch from each other. We’re not taking at the other’s expense where the other simply can’t give back to fulfill their partner’s needs.”
“Jesus,” she whispered, dropping her head and angling it to the side.
“I know.”
“I mean, really, Adam. You take my breath away.” Her head stayed lowered, but she looked up at him through her lashes.
“I know.” He wore a self-satisfied grin. “I know you. So there are some things I know about us.”

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Harkham's Choice completed!

It's true... Harkham's Choice is now complete with a new chapter and several new scenes--a few of those being steamy sex scenes. :D

It went out this morning to my preaders and to my editor. The ARC should go out in a little less than a month, and the cover reveal should be in about a week or two. The publish date is set for September 15th. I'll keep you posted on everything.

For now, here's a small teaser from one of the new scenes:

“Oh, girl! Making your own porn? Is that it?” Zach chuckled and pulled her hand down.
“Zach! No! Don’t tell anyone.” She craned her head over her shoulder and gave him a pleading look. “Please!”
“Calm down, little sis. I won’t spill your dirty secrets.” He smirked. “Whoa. This is some serious shit. So Adam doesn’t know you’re creating this?”

“No,” she whispered in a hiss. “I don’t want him to get all worked up and excited about it, in case anything changes."

Harkham's Teaser #8

Yep, another teaser involving his sore spot. The poor man just can't seem to catch much of a break. :D

Teaser 8: From chapter 15, Harkham’s Case (Mari and Adam’s conversation)

“I missed you more than green grass. And you know what? The rain here sucks without you.”
“It does?” Adam brightened.
“Yes.” She leaned in and kissed him, but this time, Mari didn’t care about anything else. No more holding back—not after all the emotional turmoil she’d been through in the last few days. She needed him more than ever.
She glanced over to make sure the door was closed. It was, and she’d hear her dad if he came upstairs.
She pulled at his shirt as she stood up. He followed while keeping their lips attached.
His jacket slipped off as they approached her bed.
“I can’t. Your dad said not to,” he said between kisses as she tried to lower him down along with herself.
“Since when do I follow rules? I’m eighteen, you’re twenty-one. We’re consenting adults.”

“I don’t want to have sex with you unless you’re my girlfriend. Are you my girlfriend now?” He blinked and kept his arms propping him up so he had some distance between their bodies, especially their groin.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Harkham's Case Teaser #7

Teaser 7: From chapter 13, Harkham’s Case (Mari and Adam’s phone conversation)

“You can’t come here, Adam,” Mari repeated.
“Why? I want to be with you. I can help you clean up his messes.”
She swallowed. “I know you could, sweetie. You’re so wonderful that way, but the numbers would overwhelm you if you were here. My dad’s not the only problem I have to face.” She took a deep breath and blew it out slowly. “Did you get my email?”
“Yes, but I didn’t read it yet. I wanted to talk to you instead, so I called you. Was that wrong?”
She chuckled. He was the only person she knew that was always checking with her to make sure everything was good between them. “It’s fine. Just make sure you read it sometime today. How about I tell you a story in an email every day while I’m here?”
“I’d like that.” She could hear the smile in his voice.
“You might not. I think it’s time you got to know who I really am. I’ll tell you different sad stories of my life so you’ll know why I’m not good for you.”
He exhaled. “No matter how many times you tell me that, I’ll never believe it. There’s goodness in your heart. I can feel it.”
“Yeah, just call me Darth Vader. I’ll chuck the head bad guy off the side to temporarily redeem myself, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t do all those other nasty things beforehand.” She picked at the pills on her bedspread.
“I miss your lips.”
“Adam, I . . .” This sounded oddly like the beginnings of phone sex.
“When you kiss me, my toes want to dig in the dirt so they can’t count numbers. And then I wanna do more to you than that.”
“Is that good? Not being able to count the numbers?” What a dumb question, but she had no clue what else to say.
“It’s really good. Wanna know something else?”
“Not really.” She smiled, knowing he’d tell her anyway.

Friday, August 1, 2014

ARCs for Harkham's Case going out this weekend

I'm in need of more ARC reviewers. They're going out this weekend.

If you'd like to be an ARC reviewer or if you're a book blogger and are interested, please email me:

Thank you!!!

Here's one of my favorite quotes from the story with Mari and Adam. This is my way of saying thank you beforehand for your help!

He looked deep in her eyes and then examined her whole face. “Mari, I would give everything that I am, give up everything I own, to know all of you. I can’t ever have enough. And if it means I get in trouble, it’s worth it.” He’d sell his car if he had to . . .

She swallowed, her eyes brightened and grew a little wide, then she sighed. “Good God . . .” she murmured. Her body slumped after that.

Harkham's Case Teaser #6

It never fails to tickle me, how many people who read this story absolutely despise Samara, Adam's sister. I mean, like really despise her and want to cause her bodily harm, as if she was a real person. For the record--I always liked her. But then I'm biased, since I wrote her. She always tried to help him--just not always in the best way for him...

Either way, she's a big part of who Adam is, so I simply had to share a teaser with her in it. Enjoy!

Teaser 6: From chapter 11, Harkham’s Case (Mari and Samara’s conversation)

Mari stepped into her first class she had with Adam, and Samara was standing behind Mari’s chair where she usually sat. Adam was missing.
Samara was glaring at her.
As soon as Mari was to the stop of the risers . . .
Mari toppled over a little and braced herself on the desk. That little elf knew how to slap someone hard! Mari’s cheek stung and pulsed like it was scratched.
“You gave him soda? Do you know what we had to deal with last night?” Samara howled.
“No,” Mari answered and glanced up from her bent over position.
“He took my phone. He doused it in some crazy concoction he made himself and burned it to a crisp!”
Mari smiled and shook her head. Only Adam would use his own mixture. If this wasn’t so sad, because it most definitely was her own fault, she’d be laughing hysterically. He was a crazy bad ass in his own way.
“You think this is funny?”
The classroom that had been empty with the exception of Samara when Mari arrived now held a few students, gawking at them.
“Not a bit.” Mari stood up and rubbed her cheek. It was definitely skinned. “Listen—you need to keep him away from me outside of school. I can be his hand-holding buddy here, but other than that—”
“And how am I supposed to do that? He obsesses over you. You’re all he ever talks about. Each night at dinner, we have to listen to a recounting every little thing you did that day.”

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Harkham's Case on Goodreads

Yay! I've got Harkham's Case with the official summary up on Goodreads now! Woohoo! It's all ready for those ARC reviews to come in a few weeks... Can't wait!

It was interesting to see that one of my fan fiction readers of the story put that version up on Goodreads, and it got some 5 star reviews. Well, that was thrilling. Hopefully it will get some of those types of high marks from the published version as well.

My edits are done, even more new scenes have been added, and others tweaked, based on issues some of my prereaders pointed out. It reads a lot better. I'm really pleased with the ARC version and very much looking forward to sending it out tomorrow...

Harkham's Case ARCs to go out tomorrow!

I'm still a little behind schedule, but the ARCs for Harkham's Case should go out tomorrow. If you'd like to be an ARC reviewer, all I ask is that you leave an honest review on both Goodreads and Amazon, once it's published.

If you're interested, shoot me an email at Tell me if you want it in epub, mobi or pdf.

Thank you!

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Harkham's Case Teaser #5

Teaser 5: From chapter 9, Harkham’s Case (Zach and Adam’s conversation)

“I see why you chased her here. So this is the girl you were talking about. I get it now,” Zach said, nodding. He squatted next to them. “Dad wanted me to bring you directly home, but I think I’ll go get something to eat, come back here and hang out with you two for a little bit.”
“Do whatever you want. I’m staying with Mari,” Adam replied.
“I can see that,” his brother said, then smacked Adam on the back in a playful, sportsmanship kind of way.
The force of the blow almost made him choke on the oranges he was eating, but he managed to swallow them down safely and follow it up with a glare at Zach.
“Be back in a little bit. You two get into as much trouble as you can while I’m gone.” Zach winked at him.
“Stop talking.” Adam groaned.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Harkham's Case Teaser #4

Teaser 4: From chapter 7, Harkham’s Case (Mari and Adam’s conversation)

Adam buried his face in Mari’s shirt to replace that smell with something good. “She really doesn’t like me,” he said, muffled by her clothing.
“She doesn’t like anybody but herself. It’s a deficiency she was born with and runs in her family.” Mari rested her chin on his head and placed a small kiss on his crown.
“Like vitamin K?”
She sniffed and barked a laugh. “Yeah, exactly vitamin K—for Kendra.”
He looked up at her, beaming all the while. “I like you.”
“I like you too,” she said with a humorous hint of a chuckle.
“More than anybody,” he added.
She ran her fingers over his forehead and pushed his bangs back. “There’s no end to your goodness, is there?”
“No.” He paused and pursed his lips a little, hoping she’d kiss him. “And I like to share it with you.”
“That’s pissing it away. Spend it somewhere it can do some real damage.” She ran her fingers through his hair, starting at his forehead.
“I’m not supposed to cause damage.” He frowned.

“There you go—being all perfect like an angel again.”

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Harkham's Case Teaser #3

This has always been one of my favorite Adam scenes in the story. It always makes me smile each time I read it. Enjoy!

Teaser 3: From chapter 5, Harkham’s Case (Mari and Adam’s conversation)

“Mari . . .”
“Hmm?” She looked over her shoulder, then back at Adam.
“If you kiss me, I won’t tell anybody, and nobody will know. Most of the students are gone. And I think . . . I think it will make you feel better, since you kind of have some sadness in your eyes.” His right leg shook. This was a lie. He never lied. That was unjust. But he needed this more than any hand holding—more than a donut or soda. He’d fold in half and die if she refused. Now his other leg shook. “Please . . .”
“No tongue though, okay?” The right half of her lips quirked up and there was some playfulness in her eyes.
The joy inside him was pounding its way into that sore spot but also doubling his heart-rate as well.
“One, fat, sloppy kiss coming up,” she said.
“Sloppy? But I—” His heart sunk as it continued to speed up.
There was no time for rebuttals, because her lips were on his, but it was unsatisfying because she refrained from touching him anywhere else.
With one big step, he was smooshed up against her. He wrapped his arms around her and squeezed her even closer.
This was much better than a handshake. Was this why his mom and dad used to hug and kiss each other all the time? This reflected those odd, unnameable feelings he had when Zach showed him that video with naked people in it. They all made sounds.
Oh no. He was making those sounds right now, and his hips were moving.
His hips were in control, not the numbers.
In his next breath, he had her up against the back of her Jeep. He pinned her with his entire body. But she hugged him back, so did this mean it was all okay?
He broke the kiss. Talking was necessary.
“It hurts, Mari. It’s really, really sore. It’s sore, and I know what I’m supposed to do to end it, but I can’t do that in front of you, and I don’t think I’ll make it ‘til I get home. Can you help me?”
“Sore here?” She placed her hand over his heart and smiled.
Was she teasing him?
“Please. It really hurts,” he begged, placing his forehead against hers and rubbing their heads together since he couldn’t rub her in the places he really wanted to.
He moved his hips up once more so she could feel where he was sore.
It twitched in his pants. She had to know.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Harkham's Case Teaser #2

Teaser 2: From chapter 3, Harkham’s Case (Mari and Adam’s conversation)

Feet shuffled around Adam, and voices echoed in the corners of his ears, but they were indecipherable.
As he slipped into that state where there was nothing but numbers, out of nowhere, a soothing voice called out to him. “If I take your hand and stay with you, you have to behave, Adam. I’m here for you, but you need to calm down.”
He glanced up. She was here!
The numbers flashed before his eyes, but grew to a whisper in his head.
He blinked to clear them away completely.
“Are you Mari?”
She smiled. “I am. And you’re Adam, my friend.”
“I don’t have any friends.” His heart froze. She didn’t really like him. The only reason Mari was here was because he had gotten so bad Sam needed help, and she must not have been able to find Zach.
But when Mari took his hand, his heart beat again, and the numbers dissolved completely.
“You do now, because we both like each other, so that makes us friends.” Mari’s voice was softer than her hand.

How was that possible? She was like a softness he wanted to hold and sniff and know well.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Harkham's Case teaser #1

Time for teasers, until the release of this story on August 15th. I can't wait! Until then, enjoy...

Teaser 1: From chapter 1, Harkham’s Case (Mari and Adam’s conversation)

“I like you,” he whispered, but it was a loud, scratchy whisper Mari was sure the whole class heard, including the teacher. “You’re nice to sit by. This is a good spot. You were smart to pick it.”
“Thank you,” she whispered back, much quieter.
He smiled bigger and his shoulders rose a little.
Wow—he was adorable when he grinned like that with a childlike innocence that was so authentic, it made her heart expand in her ribcage.
“Do you like me?” he asked. “It’s okay—you can tell me. I won’t tell anyone your answer.”
“Uhhh . . . Sure.”
She picked up her pencil and began tapping it. Her gaze went to the teacher, but for several minutes she was sure the boy next to her, seated on the right, was still focused entirely on her.
An electric current must have been moving over her arms, because it was breaking out in chills and the hair follicles were almost on end. But not in a scared way. More like . . . Well, she didn’t know what.
This was all new to her.
All she knew was it was hard to take notes and concentrate with him doing that.
“You have nice eyes. They tell me you like me, so I know you’re telling the truth. Thanks for that,” he said.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Cover reveal for Harkham's Case!

A big whopping THANK YOU!!! to all those who participated in the cover reveal. It means so much to me! And I'm beyond excited to publish Harkham's Case and share it with new readers on August 15! I also want to thank Mayhem Cover Creations for doing such a marvelous job on this cover--as usual! She really captured the feel of this story and what my characters, Adam and Mari, look like. So stunning!

Here's the summary for this unique love story:

Mari squinted. “Well, if it’s not Asperger’s, then what is it?”
Samara paused before answering and gripped the door handle. “We don’t know what Adam has. He was the first documented case. For now, he’s called Harkham’s Case number one.”
Mari smiled as a tear leaked out. “Okay.” But nothing was. This changed everything. He really wasn’t normal.
“He needs you, Mari. I’m not sure why or how he even decided that. It took years before he’d let Dad touch him.”
Mari pulled over on the side of the road. “Years? His own father?”
“Dustin’s not his biological father. It’s complicated,” Samara said, turning her head to look out her side window.
“Okay, it’s complicated. Whose family isn’t?”
“Ours is more than the Brady Bunch. There’s no laughs when somebody breaks their nose from a football, because Adam can be taken away from us, and we’re all he has left,” Samara replied
Mari gripped Samara’s arm. “Tell me. He’s dragged me into this—I need to know.”

Adam Latham looks like any other charming, good-looking high school senior, but underneath—there’s a lot more to him than anyone could ever guess. He has an uncontrollable need for constant touch to ground him, to keep the numbers from invading his brain when anxiety gets the better of him.
When Adam resolves to finally complete high school and get his diploma, the social demands amongst his younger peers prove to be much more challenging than he’d imagined.
Lucky for him, his first class holds Marissa Cole, and she’s willing to let him hold her hand so he can keep control. Adam’s family sees him as a danger to himself if not strictly regulated, but to Mari he’s a boy with the most pure soul. One so intriguing, she can’t resist him and he quickly steals her heart.
How will she cope when he invades her world and turns her life upside down, unearthing her own past traumas and issues? Will Adam find a way to help her find peace and forgiveness through love, or will their own problems keep them apart?

There’s only one way to find out—to forge ahead and discover what it means to reinvent themselves together, becoming their own special kind of individuals worthy of each other’s love.

*Adam and I thank you for all your support and encouragement for the upcoming publishing of this story. Only 3 1/2 weeks to go. ARCs will go out around July 25th. If you want to be an ARC reviewer, email me at: I'll be posting teasers starting tomorrow, and then every other day until the release of this unique story! Thank you!

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Last day for fan fic version Harkham's Case

Today's the day for Homer J... And by that, I mean, today's the last day to make copies of the original fan fiction version of Harkham's Case. It's being pulled down tomorrow...

So, have it. Share it with whomever you want. Enjoy!

Harkham's Case teaser and update

Before I share the teaser, I wanted to let my readers know that I had to push the publish date back a little bit.

So, here's the new schedule for the entire series:

Harkham's Case -- August 15, 2014

Harkham's Choice -- September 15, 2014

Harkham's Corner -- October 15, 2014

You won't have to wait long for each of them. That's the best part.

Here's the long teaser I'd like to kick this off with. I'll be sharing shorter teasers leading up to the release... One more long one as well. Possibly, two.

The cover reveal for this story will be on Monday, July 21, 2014.

“Samara, can you please just tell me—what the hell is wrong with him?”
Samara turned and glared with so much energy, Mari actually shrank and pressed her back up against her door.
“You better rephrase that,” Samara said through a twitching jaw.
“Sorry, but I know he’s got some . . .” Mari paused to phrase it better this time “. . . disabilities. I saw Mr. Perez wrote some kind of notes at the bottom of his new schedule for the teachers. I just want to know—what did it say?”
“You think he’s stupid. Already, you’re putting him in with kids that have mental handicaps,” Samara said with a snort. “Why do I bother with you people?” She shook her head.
“I am not! Look! I’ve got a lot of problems too. God knows I’m no saint, but I don’t think anything like that of him. He’s crazy brilliant—anybody can see that. But there’s some kind of disconnect going on. Does he have some form of Asperger’s?” She felt stupid asking that. All she knew of Asperger’s was from her sad tiny stint of reading Nicholas Spark’s novels. Dear John was not a source to quote on this sensitive topic. Samara would probably kick her ass if she mentioned Channing Tatum.
“No. Nothing like that.” Samara stared out the front window, her gaze transfixed.
Was she seeing something Mari didn’t?
Mari squinted but all looked normal. “Well, if it’s not Asperger’s, then what is it?”
Samara paused before answering and gripped the door handle. “We don’t know what he has. He was the first documented case. For now, he’s called Harkham’s Case number one.”
Mari smiled as a tear leaked out. “Okay.” But nothing was. This changed everything. He really wasn’t normal.
“He needs you, Mari. I’m not sure why or how he even decided that. It took years before he’d let Dad touch him.”
Mari pulled over on the side of the road. “Years? His own father?” She pulled out her cigarette. Damn her mom and these stupid smoking rules. Without giving a damn how Samara felt about it, she rolled down the window and lit up.
“Dustin’s not his biological father. It’s complicated,” Samara said, turning her head to look out her side window.
Maybe the cigarette offended her. Tough! She was going to answer.
“Okay, it’s complicated. Whose family isn’t?” Mari took a long inhale of her cigarette.
“Ours is more than the Brady Bunch. There’s no laughs when somebody breaks their nose from a football, because Adam can be taken away from us, and we’re all he has left.”
Mari took another long drag and tossed the rest of the cigarette out the window, then put it back up. She gripped Samara’s arm. “Tell me. He’s dragged me into this—I need to know.”
Samara turned back to her, tears in her eyes. Mari released her arm. “Adam’s three years older than me. We share the same mom. When he was twelve she walked out on him and never returned. He doesn’t remember that day, but I do. Even though I was nine—I remember like it happened yesterday. He was a mess. We have no idea where she went. My dad had already been discussing adoption of Adam, but after she left he was unsure if he should proceed or not. He contacted Adam’s father, but that man couldn’t take him back. His real dad Thomas didn’t even know him anymore. His parents divorced when he was a toddler. Apparently it was too much for Thomas Matthews—Adam was a difficult child to deal with.”
Mari snorted a laugh.
“You think he’s clingy now? He insisted on being held in-arms at all time in public until he was six!” Samara’s eyes hardened.
Mari’s face fell. “How did your family cope?”
“I already told you how his dad bailed. Mom was really patient with him, but then at the age of twelve, she snapped. He seemed to stop progressing emotionally. Intellectually, he was smarter than her. Smarter than all of us, but he was hard to reason with. That’s what you’re dealing with now. A twelve-year-old trapped in a rocket scientist’s mind and in a teenage boy’s body, pumped full of hormones. When he gets upset, it triggers, and he can only think in terms of absolutes.”
“Math,” Samara confirmed with a nod.
“Makes sense I suppose. If he feels unsure of himself, he turns to facts he knows are concrete.” Mari pulled the car back out on the road and started driving again. “Let me make sure I understand this—your mom carried him around all the time in public until he was six since he wouldn’t allow your dad to touch him?”
“Yep.” She popped her P. “I think you can imagine we didn’t take him out much.”
Mari ignored the last statement. “And does he allow your brother to touch him?”
“Yeah. He asks for it at times, but Zach dislikes it in public. He puts up with it though because it beats the alternative of Adam exploding.”
Samara gave her some quick directions on how to get to her home.
The rest of the ride Mari spent in silence. Her mind was traveling faster than the car.
“Just so you know . . . When he’s curled up in a ball, it’s usually too late. You must be special or a natural to be able to get him out of that.”
“Too late for what?” Mari parked the car in front of a lavish, expansive house.
It was easily twice the size of Mari’s home.
“Too late for what comes next. After he crashes and caves in on himself, then he trashes the place. He’s been known to set fire to things, too.” Samara opened the car door and hopped out. “I hope you’re not afraid of him though. He never intentionally hurts anybody. He’s never left a mark on me, and I’m so dumb I get between him and danger all the time.” She smiled. “Bye!”
“Wait!” Mari sucked in a deep breath. “You’ve gotta give me your phone number. I’m sure I’ll have more questions, and there might be times I get stuck and don’t know how to help him.”
Samara’s grin spread. “So you’ll try to keep helping him then?”
“Of course. Why wouldn’t I?”
“Because he’s got a serious crush on you. That kind of freaks girls out.” Samara leaned her weight into her right hip, jutting it out.
Mari laughed as she thought about Kendra. “I heard you came from a small town. Somebody told me that in passing in the hallway when Adam wasn’t with me. Welcome to Phoenix—land of the heat-induced, brain-dead crazies. I’ve lived here all my life. Believe me when I say . . . I’ve seen it all. And most of that is due to my mother and her psycho friends.”
Samara held out her hand for Mari’s phone, which she gladly handed over. She typed in her phone number, then passed it back.
“I really hope you realize his friendship is an amazing gift.”
“I think I do,” Mari said, then bit her lip, worried she was already screwing this up. What did she know about him? Not much. Samara gave her his past, but not other symptoms. What if this was only the first three items on his list of one-hundred issues?
“Oh, and one more thing . . .”
“Yeah?” Mari leaned toward her.
“If you touch him in any way other than sisterly—I’ll break both your hands off!” And with that, Samara shut the door and wore a nasty smile that had “Killer!” written all over it.
A chill raced down Mari’s back and she left before she could see what else Samara might do.

What the hell had she agreed to? And who was this nutso girl she’d just given a ride home?