Sunday, February 23, 2014

Roll Over (part 2)

This is the second half of that short erotica piece I shared yesterday. I posted this on Fetlife today. Keep in mind this has graphic anal sex in it, so be warned if you're not into anal sex...

“I want it,” I say.
“I want it, Daddy, so bad,” I say with a moan at the end.
Smack, smack!
His spankings grow harder, and I get louder.
I squirm as I absorb three more amazing swats to my ass.
My cheeks tingle, and my pussy does too.
He massages each one slowly at first, gently, until I cry out, “Please, grip them hard!”
The second his fingers dig in and he spreads my cheeks apart, I’m gulping in air and begging for more.
“Please, harder. Harder, oh God!” I thrust my ass in the air.
As soon as I say it, I know very well he might correct me and remind me I’m topping from the bottom.
I don’t mean to, but I really crave it.
This is bigger than I am. It’s erotic. It’s dirty, and I want so much more.
“Hold still, little one. You’re gonna like this.” He drops onto the bed, spreads my legs wide, and I brave myself for being penetrated in the ass for the very first time.
My nipples harden even though they’re squished into the mattress.
Swiiip, swiiip, swiiip.
Ropes drag down my legs, and before I know it my ankles are tethered to the posts at the end of the bed.
“Oh Jeeeeezus.” I fist the sheets and can’t seem to stop wiggling around.
My heart is about to drive its way out of my chest and into the mattress.
“I’ll go slow—slow enough you’ll feel every fucking inch,” he says on a deep inhale with his nose barely an inch from my asshole. “Christ you smell amazing.”
A shiver runs down my neck, and my arms break out in chills.
“Say it again.” Smack!
“I want it so baaaaad!” My voice shakes, proving just how much I do want it.
He lubes up his right index finger and slides it through my crack, playing, teasing, making my cheeks prickle with need.
“Fuuuuuck!” I cry out, my belly arching away from the bed, to where I’m almost levitating and forcing my ass up higher and higher, closer and closer to him and his cock.
His tongue lands on my crack. He sucks, probes with the tip of his tongue, places open mouthed kisses along each cheek, each inner thigh and then he’s back in place, sucking on my clit.
“Ooohhhhhhhhh gaaaaawd, James!” I choke on my words, in need of some air and some sanity.
“You want more. You want it all, baby girl.” His finger slips inside. “Love this. Love you!”
I make a hoarse whimpering sound that’s entirely too raw and needy, but I can’t seem to care, because he’s got my clit sucked into his mouth and he’s inside my asshole.
“Beads? Naughty . . .” He takes a deep breath. “So naughty it’s nice.” He chuckles.
I shoved them in there, along with the retrieval ring, when he let me go take a quick shower.
I smile.
One lone finger inside me rolls them around, pushing them against my rectum wall until I’m insane with lust.
I have no idea how long I pant and tell him I love him, but eventually there are two fingers inside me, playing with those balls more and tugging at the end of it every few seconds. He takes the ring back out of my anus so it’s hanging freely out of me again.
“I’m . . . I’m gonna cum,” I warn him a moment later as he keeps those balls moving inside me.
“Go ahead. I never said you needed permission this time,” he tells me, sounding completely amused.
“But I . . . Don’t you want me to wait until you’re fucking my ass?” I lick my lips, close my eyes and wait for the resounding ass smack.
His fingers retreat, and I wince, bracing myself. I do want another spanking, but I’m also aware my cheeks are burning a little, and it’s going to be really intense when my anus is still nothing but intense sensations.
I clench my cheeks, then release rhythmically until he’s on top of me, pressing his weight into me, making me sink further into the mattress.
“Does my little girl wanna be fucked in the ass now? Doesn’t she think I know what I’m doing and what’s best for her?”
“I . . . God, I don’t know.” I shake my head. Am I supposed to be the contrite sub now? We never were all about strict rules or punishment. Or is he role playing here? What the fuck am I supposed to do?
“You do know. Tell me what you want, and I’ll give it to you—my anal virgin, ready to be taken.” He kisses the top of my ear, then licks it and toys with the lobe a second later with his tongue.
His humid breath washing over me makes it harder to breathe than his weight pressing into me, which I love entirely too much.
I can’t answer. My breathing’s too ragged.
“What did you say? I can’t hear my slut when she’s struggling for air like this.” He rolls his hips into me, then backs off.
Pinch! Pinch! Pinch!
“Ohhhhhhh fuck!” I rock side to side as he pinches my ass, making the sensations double.
He bites his way down my neck, rubs his rough whiskers across my left shoulder blade and keeps pinching me until I’m nothing his whiny slut.
“I think you need time to consider what you want,” he says.
Something makes a humming noise, but I’m too nervous to look and see what it is.
A smooth toy rocks against my puckered hole repeatedly for several minutes and then eases its way inside me.
It vibrates against the beads, making me clamp down and hum low in my throat as I try to take in all the movement.
There’s some shuffling around by him behind me, but I’m not sure at all what he’s doing now.
“Like it?” he asks with a loud, gruff voice.
“Ummmhmmm.” I nod, but it’s pathetic and weak.
“How much? Enough to keep going?”
“Mmmhmm.” I nod again, but this time it sounds like I’m on the verge of tears.
I’m not sure if I’m crying or gonna pass out from euphoric overload. They both feel about right in this moment as I keep trying to take it all in.
This is so overpowering, and if I can barely take this, what am I going to do when his cock’s inside me? Rocket into the ceiling?
My Lord, no wonder he tied me down.
He must’ve known this would happen. That I’d be a shaking, incoherent mess of a woman that’s nothing but primal needs and edgy desire.
“I know my girl can take more. She’s so good. Such a good girl.”
The bed moves as his weight settles at the right corner of the mattress by my outstretched leg.
He strokes his way up to my knee. “So sexy, and so mine.”
I swallow before I slobber on the bed. Somehow the sensations have dulled a little, and I feel really relaxed. Sated almost.
There’s a little bit of a burn, but I like it.
No. I love it.
I need it—to remind me I’m here. I’m doing this, and it’s not bigger than me anymore.
I can take it up the ass and be the anal slut I’ve always craved being.
Squish, squish, squish.
The toys rock up and down in my ass, but each time he gets to the point of my sphincter and I think he might pull it out, he doesn’t. He just pushes it a little deeper, and I moan that much louder.
The deeper it is, the more I feel. The more I ache for something bigger.
Something better . . .
“Such a good little slut for me. Daddy’s very proud of his girl and how well she takes toys up the ass,” he growls.
The toy is gently pulled out, and I remember to bear down as it exits so the burn is a little less noticeable, but I definitely still feel it and grunt from from the stretching.
“Oh, yeah, my anal slut is very ready. You’re already a pro at this,” he says.
And then . . . Oh God, it’s not him. It can’t be.
It’s too small to be him.
I twist my head over my shoulder, and I gawk at him because he’s got a harness on, and a smaller dildo than his dick.
“Why?” I croak as he pushes it inside me.
“Because you need to gradually break in your ass. The reason women hate anal is because some asshole shoves a thick meaty piece in her ass without much prep or work up.” He grins at me.
I’m so amazed at how sweet and caring he is, that I grin back like a big dope.
“How does it feel?” He strokes my back with one hand while he supports his weight with his other gripping my hip.
“It’s nice. The beads are moving,” I say, then I drop my head back down.
I never thought it would be this way.
So easy. So natural.
So not scary.
And he doesn’t even seem to care that he’s got a hard on again but he’s using a strap on anyway.
How did I ever get lucky enough to meet this man?
He’s better than any fantasy man I’ve ever read or dreamed about.
His lips are on me, nipping, changing my focus briefly, and then it’s back again—back on the toys in my ass, moving, changing the way I see orgasms.
It’s coming. It’s right there.
But I don’t want it yet.
“I know you’re trapped in your head. No more of that. Just feeeeeel,” he whispers, shoving the dildo in deeper.
His pace quickens, and I clamp down, feeling the tip massage deep inside my rectum.
God, this is unreal.
It’s better than anything I could have ever imagined.
My inner walls tremble, and my neck extends back.
He reaches around and grips under my chin. “Let me hear you, sweetheart. Tell me how much you like it. Cum for me, little anal whore.”
My tummy tightens from his delicious words, and my heart clenches.
Right as it builds to the point I can barely stand it and I’m about to come undone, he pulls out, and the beads are yanked from me in a swift tug.
“Ahhhhhhhh! Fuck me! James! Oh God, oh God, oh gaaaaawd!”
I don’t know what the hell happens, but I hear a squirt as he rustles around behind me—maybe taking off the harness?—and then something thicker, bigger, wedges itself inside my ass. And instead of that crazy orgasm ending that was taking me down, another consumes me, and I’m cumming harder than I ever have before.
My arms fling back, and I grip strong thighs, and I know . . .
He couldn’t help himself.
He had to get inside me.
He’s fucking my ass.
“Louder!” he hisses in my ear, and he pulls my hair with a quick jerk.
“Ahhhhhhhh! Yes! Christ yes!” The climax hits me hardest when he’s as deep as he can go, pulling my hair harder and biting my neck right at the curve above my shoulder.
The rhythmic pounding from him slows and something warm fills my ass and gushes out of me.
“Hhhhhuuuuuhhhhuuuuhhh,” I pant and still thrash and can’t get over how long both those orgasms lasted.
He eases his way out of my ass, spreads himself behind me and licks what’s dripping from me—clit to asshole. Big passing sweeps.
I twitch from the all the sensitive reactions it causes from me.
“So yummy, my girl. I could eat you all day,” he says, his hands caressing the backs of my thighs, my ass cheeks and lower back.
I try to laugh, but it comes out as some sort of drunken giggle instead.
My eyelids are heavy, and I can barely think about anything other than how free I feel.
How utterly boneless I am.
I did it. Finally!
“God, you made that better than being flogged and fucked, and I didn’t think that was possible.”
He sighs and sits up. “Anything’s possible with you. Anything. That’s why I love you, and why I’ll never stop playing with you.”

NOTE: Keep in mind, this is obviously erotica, and a first time anal experience would go even slower than this, but it's a fantasy, so things can't drag, mmkay? Also, I get asked about the independently moving anal beads I talk about all the time. Here’s the link: They’re cheap, and they give mind blowing orgasms when they’re in the ass and your partner penetrates you with them inside. Sheer heaven as the beads roll into the vaginal wall, massaging the G spot through the membrane. The best orgasms I’ve had where I could not keep from screaming myself hoarse happened this way. Mmm…. Nice.

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