Sunday, February 23, 2014

Roll Over

I've been posting original short erotica on Fetlife for the past few months, and after talking to some of my readers on my private Facebook group, I've decided to share them here on my blog. I've been told by a few Doms lately that I'm a rare submissive in that I'm willing to milk a man's prostate, rim and peg him. So, I've been asked by a few of my readers to share some of my journal entries since they're also instructional in a way. So, I'll start with my newest erotica I've posted today, and then every few days post something else I've already shared on my Fet profile.



“Do it now,” he says in my ear, gripping my arm and helping me to do just that.
“What did you say?”
“I said no.” I try to hide my head in my pillow, but he won’t let me. He’s gripping my jaw now instead.
“You better have a damn good reason. That ass is mine to explore.”
“Because I’ve soaked my thighs.”
“And that’s a bad thing?”
His hand connects with my ass, and instead of screaming in pain because it stings, I’m gushing even more and my ass is reaching for him.
“What’s wrong with me?” I shake my head—or try to.
“You’re perfect. There’s nothing wrong with you.” He releases my jaw with a sharp flick of his hand and then growls. “Ass. In the air. Now!”
He’s serious? He wants to see how disgustingly wet I am? This cannot be normal.
“I’ve never done this before,” I remind him.
“I know, and you won’t regret it. I’ve read your journal you showed me. You crave this like I do. Be a good little slut and present your asshole to me.”
I squirm away from him.
“I’m not gonna ask again . . .” His jaw tightens.
I slowly move onto hands and knees and then go back to hiding my head in the pillows.
“This is going to be cold,” he says.
“What’s going to be—oh shit!”
Something chilly, metallic, round and slick is at my anus, but not pushing inside yet.
“Relax. Think about lying out at the beach in the sun,” he suggests.
“How am I supposed to do that?” I say, muffled by the pillow I’m about to bite any second now.
I fist the pillowcase, fighting back the urge to beg for more. But then every few seconds, I mentally flip flop and want to run screaming out of the room.
What if it hurts?
What if I don’t like it and my fantasies are way better than the real thing?
I’ll be crushed if I don’t like it.
Cheryl told me her rectum actually bled and she swears it could cause hemorrhoids. Yuck! I don’t want that.
“What’s going on in that head of yours? You’re clenching your cheeks together and I haven’t even tried to get inside you yet.” He hums for a second.
“It’s just that . . . What if I suck at this? What if I don’t like it?” I bite my lower lip and want to crawl under the mattress.
He pulls the toy away, and I whimper immediately.
His warm hands push down on my lower back.
“Okay, we’re switching gears here. Grab the lube.”
“What? Why?” I move to kneeling. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to . . .”
“It’s nothing you need to apologize for. Grab it.” He points at the bottle on the nightstand.
“Ooooh-kay.” I stretch my neck to the side, grab it and squirt some in my right palm. “Now what?”
He drops down onto the bed, shoves a pillow under his ass and then puts his hands behind his head. “Explore my anus.”
“What the fuck, James . . . I don’t know how to do that,” I say, whining a little.
“I don’t give a fuck if you know what you’re doing. The best way to learn is to see that it doesn’t hurt as much as you think it does. Can the sensations be intense or overwhelming? Fuck yeah—they can. That’s not the same as pain though. So, I’m giving you permission to see what it’s like. Watch my reactions. Ask me if you ever think I’m in pain, and I’ll tell you what it feels like.”
“You’ll describe it to me?” I take a deep breath.
“In detail?” My pitch goes up and so do my eyebrows.
His eyes soften. “In excruciating detail.”
“Won’t my nails hurt you?”
“Hold up your hand,” he says.
I show it to him.
“They’re short and filed so it’s fine. Just point the pad of your finger up, okay?”
I nod and hold my breath as I lube up my left index finger. “I’m left handed. Is that all right?”
“You bet your fucking cunt it is. Do it. Stop stalling. I’m ready.” He grins and angles his head up a little more so he can watch me as I flounder and huff and wonder what got me into this place to begin with.
“I didn’t know men . . .”
He snorts. “What? Like their asses explored? Sweetheart, if you figure out how to milk my prostate, I’ll kiss your ass for the rest of your days.”
I laugh. “Okay, let’s not get carried away. I wouldn’t even begin to know how to do that.”
His eyes light up. “I’ll teach you. It’s easy. Nothing to it really.”
Okay, I’m sure this can’t be as scary as I think it is. Just do it, Jen. Put your finger on his puckered hole and prod it. Yes, you’ll look like an idiot, but no more so than when your ass was in the air and you were cringing, worrying about insertion.
The second my index finger hits his anus, he moans and relaxes into the bed like he’s melting at my touch.
“Very,” he says, his eyelids going heavy. “Keep going.”
I circle around it, run the tip of my finger across the hole and watch as his cheeks clench and open rhythmically, almost inviting my finger inside.
My God, he really likes this.
“Okay, I’m going to . . .” I bite my upper lip, suck it inside my mouth and slowly edge my fingertip inside up to the first knuckle.
He gasps and then his thighs twitch.
“I’m hurting you!” I bite out.
“No, you’re not. You’re blowing my mind right now. Keep going,” he says, his tone husky.
My hands are shaking as I push a little further and watch him tip his head back and breathe heavy. “Fuck, that’s it, girl. Deeper . . . Keep it moving.”
I do as he suggests, and he pants harder.
“Nice. Very good girl.”
I glow inside. I feel powerful. Fuck. I am powerful. I have my finger inside a man. I never would have ever thought I could do this.
“Aim up now toward my belly button,” he says.
I do it, and he gasps really hard.
“Slower . . . Sweetheart, don’t rush,” he says.
I nod.
Right. Slow. I can do that.
“There’s a dip, and that’s where you’ll feel it. A small little bump. Touch it,” he says, sounding drugged now.
“Touch it how?” I squint and wonder if he’s on some kind of medication. This can’t be right. It’s this easy to find his prostate?
“However you like, just gently at first. Think of how you like me touching your G spot. This is *my* G spot, and you know how that feels. It’s similar.”
I think I get it now.
My finger slips over a little protruding button hidden behind his silky, warm walls.
I stare at his cock—still hard, so I must be doing something right.
“Holy Jesus,” I say a few moments later when he’s leaking profusely.
“That’s for you. Taste it, baby girl.”
I lean over, run the tip of my tongue over his slit and love how sweet his pre-cum is.
Damn. I did that. I’m the reason he’s leaking?
His hips jut up toward me, so I take him in my mouth deeper and suck on his cock as I keep my finger slowly moving in his ass, circling that G spot of his.
“More . . . Oh God, don’t stop,” he says, watching me.
My eyes move to his, and I pray that I’m not damaging something inside him somehow.
“You have me so fucking hard, baby girl.” His hands go to the side of my head and he guides me up and down his length.
Deeper each time, and because he’s reacting so much, I lube up a second finger real fast and push that inside as well.
“Ssssfffffffff . . . Fuck yes, woman. Right there. Keep doing that!”
I smile around his cock and my two fingers assault his prostate, almost squeezing on both sides of it.
“Oh Jesus, oh fuck, I . . . I’m gonna cum,” he says with a guttural groan.
Already? I’ve barely been inside him for five minutes, if even that.
I push down on his G spot the way he does mine and a second later I’m pumping in and out faster, prodding his prostate relentlessly, praying to God this feels good.
His hips buck, and out of nowhere he’s screaming my name, flooding my mouth and his ass is clamping down, twitching around my fingers.
I know what that feels like to have his fingers yanked out of me when I’m cumming, so I leave my finger motionless inside him, but off his prostate while I let him ride it out.
This orgasm seems way stronger than anything I’ve ever seen from him.
“Fuuuu-uuuck,” I whisper as I watch him thrash and feel him still spurting into my mouth that’s kind of hanging open in awe at this point.
“Hhhhhuhhhhh,” he exhales in a rush as the last of his climax fades and then he absolutely goes limp into the mattress and heavy in my mouth as his cock jerks a little.
I open my mouth wide and back off, but leave my fingers inside him.
“That was incredible,” I say on a sweeping breath. I can barely breathe at this point.
“Fucking right it was. You were a natural,” he says, beaming at me.
“Wow. Just . . . Yeah, I loved that.”
“Good, because I loved it more than you can possibly know.” He watches me, as if he’s expecting me to do something big.
“I . . . Can I?” I keep my hand completely still.
“You can keep your fingers inside me as long as you want, baby, but if you’re going to keep them there, then you better figure out some way to do that while I get inside your ass.”
“Oh.” My voice breaks and something inside me does too as I pull my fingers out a bit too excitedly, because yes, I want him to do that to me.
The exact same fucking thing, but now I’m not afraid. I’m high off the thought of it, and I’m damn near giddy.
I turn around, have my ass practically in his face, and moan the second his tongue is buried in my crack and swiping over my asshole.
“Say it,” he growls when he takes a breath.
“This slut wants it. Bad.” I moan and grin wide.
“Good girl. And you’ll get it . . .”

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